How to cook delicious popcorn at home?

Popcorn in people is most often associated with a movie or a circus. What could be better than getting together in a close family circle or in the company of your favorite friends to enjoy a good movie? Such moments bring together and unite people. But what if there is no opportunity to go to the cinema? And watching a movie without popcorn seems unimaginable? Of course, there is always a way out - you need to cook it yourself! But how to make popcorn at home?

how popcorn got to the cinema

How popcorn got to the cinema

Everyone knows what popcorn is. This is a special sort of corn that explodes when heated. This property was discovered about three thousand years ago by Indians. They used corn as amulets and ornaments, and also carried them with them on the hunt, since popcorn is very light and quite rich. Of course, then it would never occur to them to add any spices to it. A certain fashion for popcorn started in America at the beginning of the last century, and during the Great Depression of the 1930s it penetrated the cinema halls and remains there to this day.In Russia, he was much later - only in the 90s.

popcorn at home

It is curious that most cinemas most of the profit is from the sale of popcorn, and not tickets. In addition, the delicacy causes a strong feeling of thirst. The first time, when popcorn has not yet become an indispensable attribute of the cinema, it was sold on the street in small mobile carts. Now in each cinema there is at least one apparatus for making popcorn, and salt, sugar, caramel, and so on can be added to the finished delicacy without problems.

The easiest way to cook popcorn

Cook almost not necessary. The fact is that in the second half of the last century, cinemas began to be supplanted by televisions that almost everyone in the house had. Therefore, resourceful entrepreneurs thought and came up with a way to sell popcorn for cooking at home. The stores began to sell bags of grains, which had to, following the instructions, just put in the oven. With the invention of the microwave oven, popcorn in bags began to be made for her. Thus, the easiest way to cook popcorn at home is to buy such a package, put it in the microwave for 5 minutes and enjoy the movie. Of course, it’s not as interesting as cooking for yourself, but for the lazy, the method is perfect.

cooking methods of popcorn are different

Briefly about other ways

Popcorn at home can be cooked in several ways. First, you can use the microwave again, but on your own, without buying popcorn in a package (semi-finished product). The second way is to cook popcorn on the stove using a griddle or saucepan. Of course, each method has its own nuances and reservations, which should be given special attention.

Corn selection

Before you cook popcorn at home, you must choose the right variety of corn. Of course, in theory, ordinary corn can also be used, but in practice the result will be much worse. First, there are even more unexploded grains than broken ones. Secondly, those few grains that will burst are likely to be far from such air, as from special varieties of corn. Therefore, it is necessary to make the right choice in the store.

how to make popcorn at home

The most successful varieties are Vulkan, Lopay-Lopay, Zeya and Ping-pong. They are distinguished from other varieties by a thin but durable wall, which significantly affects the quality of the cooked popcorn. Before buying, you need not only to see the variety, but also to check the composition - there should be nothing but corn kernels.Having made the right choice, you will not be disappointed in the cooked product and will not waste your time in vain.

Preparatory actions

Chose the right sort and want to learn popcorn recipe at home? But this is not the case in which you need to hurry. There are several little tricks that can have a beneficial effect on the quality of the cooked delicacy. It is important to remember that the corn should not be washed. If you are worried about sterility, then do not worry - processing at high temperature will do its job. Before cooking, it is better to remove the grain in the freezer for a couple of hours. Contrast temperatures will make popcorn airier.

While the grains are freezing, think about the dishes. You can cook popcorn at home in a pan or in a saucepan if you want to use the cooker. For microwave, you can use plastic utensils. In both cases, you need to think about the cover. The pans and pots need to be heavy, because popcorn blasts are quite intense, and not every lid can handle it. For a microwave, you can pick up a container with a lid that closes it tightly, possibly using some kind of fastening.

Sweet popcorn at home

Sweet popcorn is one of the most beloved and often chosen. Consider the first method of cooking on the example of how to make sweet popcorn at home. A pot or a frying pan with high walls and, as already mentioned, a heavy lid is necessary. You can preheat the selected dishes on the stove and remove from heat. Now pour frozen grains into the pan. It is better to lay out no more than 1-2 layers, since the rise will be quite noticeable. Water the grain 1-2 tbsp. l vegetable oil, carefully, but quickly mix with a spatula, ensuring that each grain is covered with an oil film.

cooking popcorn in a pan

Then close the dishes with a tight lid, shake well several times and put on the stove. When the explosions start, the lid should never be opened. You can control the process by ear. Readiness will mean an increase in the time between explosions to 3-4 seconds. As soon as this moment has arrived, it is necessary to shake the pan once again, to give it a few more seconds to sit on the stove, and then to put it aside. Try to remove the cover very carefully, without putting your hands and face under the stream of hot steam.Pour the ready popcorn into a large bowl and add powdered sugar or salt. Allow a couple more minutes to cool. Now the delicacy is ready!

Cooking popcorn in the microwave

If the option with a stove for some reason does not suit you, you can use a microwave. By this method, the recipe for popcorn at home becomes even easier. The only drawback can be called a large calorie compared to popcorn cooked on the stove. The fact is that when cooking in the microwave, there will be no opportunity to shake the dishes with popcorn, so there is a need to add more oil. The rest of the action is similar to the first method.

cooking popcorn in the microwave

Choose a suitable dish, pour the grains there, pour them with oil and mix thoroughly. We set the power of the microwave at 600-700 watts and send popcorn there, having previously closed the lid. The explosions will begin almost immediately. We again control the process by ear, waiting for the grains to explode about one in 3-4 seconds. Carefully take out the popcorn, more carefully open the lid. Choose an additive.By the way, in addition to salt and sugar, various spices are also used, for example, black pepper or nutmeg. Of course, popcorn with such a filling will be designed for fans, but sometimes you can experiment with various combinations. Add the desired spices, mix, now you can turn on the film.

variety of fillings

Popcorn in a slow cooker

For happy owners of multicookers, there is another way. It is still easier here. It is enough to pour oil on the bottom of the multicooker, put the popcorn grains in one layer and select the “Soup” mode. A lot of time cooking does not take, again, you can determine the degree of readiness by ear. Thus, popcorn at home is quite simple.

Caramel Popcorn

For those who do not want to stick to traditional seasonings, there are also a lot of other recipes, for example, popcorn with chocolate, coconut flakes, paprika. Among them, popcorn with caramel is very popular. At home it is also quite simple to cook. To do this (simultaneously with the preparation of the popcorn itself), it is necessary to dissolve the sugar in melted butter.When the resulting liquid gets a golden hue, and the popcorn is ready, quickly pour it into the caramel and mix thoroughly. That's the whole recipe. For chocolate lovers, you can add a little bit of cocoa to caramel to get a new, pleasant taste and hue.

watching home cinema with popcorn

It's pretty simple. Now you know not only about how to cook popcorn at home, but also a little of the history of this delicacy, as well as other interesting nuances. Watching movies at home is much more interesting, but it will be even more interesting to get together in advance and start preparing great snacks for any movie together!

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