I want to share the horror that happens to my girlfriend. Let's call her Anya. She has always been a strange woman. She gave birth to her first child in 25, although she did not love her husband at all, it was just that he walked along with her and carried out all the whims.
They then lived in a room in-law. She didn't want to do anything at all. Up to the point that the child could share and lie in a smelly diaper until her husband came home from work and did not change. But Anya and her finger will not knock, she is a sublime woman. And her husband humped at several jobs and almost did not appear at home. When he came, she broke into him because of some little things, about dinner and there was nothing to say, interrupted by doshiraks. Then he began to realize that the situation was a dead end, and he already wanted to file for divorce, but then she gave birth to her second child. Like the first, no one does it, the child grows neglected, now he is 6, he barely speaks, he distorts words greatly, and it hurts to look at his feet with a wheel. But she does not care.
Children grow up wild, live in unsanitary conditions. For months she does not change the bedding, feeds them with semi-finished products and hash, which is a shame for pigs to give. She eats only in a cafe and travels by taxi.My daughter has a bite problem, but she is sorry for the dentist for money. To all offers of help he answers: “Did I ask for advice? Do you think your opinion is important to me? I know better, I am a mother. ” He sits on Instagram for days, fotka himself, watching TV shows. Eats everything that catches your eye. For the year gained 20 kilograms probably. Her husband no longer wants, disdains. All the words from concerned friends, his eyes bulging and yelling that she is not obliged to appease someone else's sense of beauty.
I feel very sorry for her children. I thought to apply to the guardianship, but I suppose that they will deploy me there, because Anya does not drink, she does not have an official diagnosis from a psychiatrist, she simply moved the cuckoo slightly. And recently, she announced the news - she and her husband will have a third child! You should have seen the face of the husband at this time. How to dissuade her from this undertaking, if she does not understand any hints or direct words that she is a bad mother.

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