How to clean the air conditioner?

Air conditioners have long taken root in our cozy apartments. Many people already have this miracle of technology, which helps out, both in the heat and in the cold. In order for your air conditioner to work for a long time and properly, you should provide it with proper care. In particular, periodically clean it. We will talk about how to clean the air conditioner yourself.

Why clean the air conditioner

Some users generally do not clean the air conditioners and do not even know that this is necessary. If the air conditioner is not cleaned for a long time, then an unpleasant smell may come from it during operation. Agree, this is not the most pleasant situation, especially if you have someone to visit. In addition, inside the air conditioner bacteria will multiply and coexist in a moist environment. And no one needs bacteria in the house. Especially if you have children. If the situation is completely neglected, water will start dripping from the internal block of your device. This is a signal that the drainage pipe is blocked.In addition, the air conditioner may begin to pop, make all kinds of noise, the filters turn black. In general, cleaning the air conditioner is required, in any case!

How to clean the air conditioner: tips

The cleaning procedure, by the way, is not so complicated. You can call a specialist at home, but not necessarily, as you can clean the air conditioner yourself. At least, any man is able to cope with cleaning the air conditioner. Of course, only if he has such an instruction as ours at hand.

How often should the air conditioner be cleaned? It all depends on the room in which it is installed. The more dusty it is, the more often it should be cleaned. In addition, the fact of smoking indoors plays a role. The advice is: start cleaning the air conditioner once a month. If you see that there is a lot of dirt on the air conditioner filters during this time, then you should clean it more often. If you notice that there is practically no dirt, then you can clean less often. It's all individually. There are such conditions in the room and such models of air conditioners that can not be cleaned for a year. For the sake of justice, however, it is worth noting that an air cleaner should work to create such ideal conditions, and in addition to this, regular wet cleaning should be done.So now let's talk directly about cleaning the air conditioner with your own hands:

  1. Approach the idle air conditioner and take up its top panel on the sides, with two hands. Gently pull over and up. Lift the air conditioner cover up to the end.
  2. Inside you will see a filter. Assess its pollution and gently pull out of the air conditioner, lifting his hand for the bottom.
  3. Take the filter to the bathroom and rinse it thoroughly. You can simply under running water, you can use a shower or even cleaning products.
  4. In case your air conditioner has already started to emit unpleasant odors, put the filter aside to dry, and head to the pharmacy yourself. There buy a disinfectant solution or a liquid antiseptic. Prefer alcohol based. The volume must be no more than half a liter. Alternatively, you can buy a product in the store called “Condiclean” - a special conditioner cleaner that kills all bacteria. But, it can be found not in every store, therefore, many of you will have to limit yourself to ordinary disinfectants from the pharmacy. Come home, turn on your air conditioner for low temperature and maximum airflow.Next, spray antiseptic in such a way that the droplets are sucked in with air (dust grids are not in the air conditioner at this moment). This whole process takes a couple of minutes. But after 10-15 minutes, there was no unpleasant smell from the air conditioner.
  5. As soon as the filter dries, you can safely insert it back into the air conditioner and close the lid. For a long time to use the air conditioner without a filter is impossible.

Here's how to clean the air conditioner yourself. Do not forget to also clean the outdoor unit air conditioner. It is often clogged with dust, poplar fluff. This can lead to the fact that the air conditioner starts to warm up, and its power will fall. Use in this case, you can brush or vacuum cleaner. You can use both the first and second alternately.

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