How to celebrate New Year in the USSR

29-12-2017, 11:30

We all know that in the USSR people lived not the way we live now, and therefore they celebrated holidays a little differently, although many traditions have been preserved since those times. Then we will talk about how the citizens of the Soviet Union celebrated the most long-awaited and beloved holiday of all - the New Year.
How New Year was celebrated in the USSR is quite accurately described in Eldar Ryazanov’s Soviet film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”.
With only one drawback - there is no TV in the film, which shows this very “Irony”, which since 1976 has become one of the main New Year's Soviet traditions.

TV, as the postman Pechkin used to say, is the best decoration of the New Year's table. “Carnival Night”, “Irony of Fate”, “New Year Adventures of Masha and Vitya”, “Blue Light”, “Frost” - Soviet films, programs and cartoons in the morning without which no one in the USSR thought himself a festive night.

All the same total deficit taught Soviet citizens that it is necessary to buy the necessary things not on the eve of the holiday, but when there is a case, it is better to let them lie down.Products were kept in the refrigerator or on the balcony,

It was necessary to prepare for the holiday ahead of time.
First, to buy products - that is, “get it”, stand in hourly lines, get sprats, caviar, and smoked sausage in grocery orders.

Prepare Russian salad, jellied fish, jellied fish, carrot and beet salads, herring under a fur coat, open pickled cucumbers and tomatoes prepared from summer.

Russian salad
400 grams of boiled sausage (or boiled meat)
1 can of canned green peas
2 large carrots
3-4 medium potatoes
3-4 pickled cucumbers
100 milliliters of mayonnaise
Immerse the eggs in a pot of water and cook for 7-10 minutes.
Dip potatoes and carrots in lightly salted water. Boil until cooked (about half an hour).
Cut the sausage into cubes.
Cut the cucumbers into cubes.
Eggs skip through an egg cutter.
Add green peas to the salad.
Dice carrots and potatoes.
Mix the salad with mayonnaise. If necessary, salt.

Herring under a fur coat
salted herring fillet or whole fish - 2 w
medium potato - 3 pcs
eggs - 3 pieces
not large beets - 2 pieces
carrots - 1 pc
apple - 1 pc
onion - 1 pc
Boil potatoes, beets, carrots and eggs, cool and peel.
Onion is better to pickle. Finely chop, lower into a container, fill level with water and add 1 tbsp. vinegar. Leave for 15 minutes.
If you use whole fish, clean it from the bones and cut it into large cubes.
The recipe recommends all ingredients except the apple rubbed on a small grater, so the salad will be softer.
classic herring under a fur coat
Rub the potatoes to the bottom of the dish. Place herring on top. Next, a layer of onions, then grated carrots. The next layer of apple, grated on a large grater. Next come the eggs, and completes the beetroot masterpiece.

Do not forget to smear each layer with mayonnaise.
The drinks

Of the drinks - Soviet champagne, Stolichnaya vodka, Buratino lemonade, fruit drink and compote. In general, we ate tasty and satisfying, but without much variety. The same thing from New Year to New Year.

Christmas tree in the house

The earliest New Year's tradition - not new, but revived - became the custom to put a living spruce in the house for the New Year. Since the trees for sale were grown on purpose, they were also a relative deficit, and therefore they were bought at the first opportunity, and not at a convenient time.The usual picture, for example, in Moscow were people who, one and a half to two weeks before the New Year, were carrying trees tied with twine, bought for the occasion, into the subway. Christmas trees were kept hanging outside the window or on the same balcony. (to be honest, we did not buy Christmas trees, Dad dragged from the forest ...)
Christmas toys

Eh, now what kind of New Year decorations are not put on store shelves! Any size, any color, any style, any price! Decorations for the Christmas tree, decorations for the interior, decorations for the door. Everything you want. The Christmas tree decorations of the USSR era were distinguished by a wide variety of forms.

New Year gifts.

Top of fragrant chic - perfume "Klima", the lower limit - perfume "Maybe"

The man was supposed to smell too, but the choice was even smaller: “Sasha”, “Lily of the Valley”, and “Triple.” In the absence of normal gifts, when they went to visit, they brought with them delicacies that they managed to snatch: cans of canned exotic fruits, black or red caviar, elegant candy.
Christmas trees

Oh, yes, about schoolchildren! .. New Year "Christmas trees" were the same traditional as Olivier and tangerines - theatrical performances for schoolchildren, held from mid-December to mid-January in city centers.The level of performances depended on what artists the organizers were able to find, but the most important pleasure from visiting the “Christmas tree” was gifts — pastry sets packaged in elegant cardboard boxes.

The best and the main "tree" was considered the one that was held in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. The tickets for it were practically not available for free sale, but were distributed among enterprises, reaching managers and leaders of the production. The level of performance on this “Christmas tree” was the highest, and the presents - the richest: each year new unique plastic packages were made for them, often representing rough copies of the Kremlin towers.

Probably, precisely because the New Year was the most common holiday in the USSR (except perhaps Victory Day, but it began to be celebrated only from 1965), people of the older generation still remember it with nostalgia.

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