How to cause the devil?

Do you want to call the devil to the house? Try it, of course, you can, and why not? But first, think carefully about why you need it. What do you say to the devil if he really comes to your call? It is extremely rash to call the devil out of curiosity alone, because even home plumbing is called for a specific purpose, and here the matter is much more serious - after all, and you are going to disturb the Prince of Darkness himself. The devil is very vindictive and touchy, and he may not like it at all, that he was called only to be convinced of his existence. If you have a serious business to the devil, for example, you are going to make a deal with him and sell your immortal soul to him, then study our instructions and get down to business.

Instructions for calling the devil at home

  1. As mentioned above, just for a moment to call the devil in order to admire him, you will not succeed. The devil is not a being with whom you can joke in this way. The consequences of such an aimless challenge to this fiend of Hell can be most terrible. Therefore, before calling the devil, make sure that you ask him.In exchange for a soul, it is necessary to demand something really valuable, usually the devil is asked for power, wealth, health, or love.
  2. When the goal is determined, you will need to buy in advance thirteen black candles and wait until the night falls.
  3. The ceremony should be held at a time when there will be no one in the house except you. For reliability, so that someone does not accidentally enter the room at the hour of witchcraft, it is better to lock the door with a key.
  4. Stand in the center of the room, around you place the black candles on the floor. In front of you set a large mirror, take a knife and matches into your hands.
  5. One by one, start lighting the candles. Lighting every candle, cast a spell: “I call upon you, oh great master of Darkness and master of Night. Come and fulfill my request. ”
  6. When all thirteen candles are lit and the spell is said thirteen times out loud, swipe the blade on the finger. After the drops of your blood fall to the floor in the center of the circle, the devil must come. In what form he will appear to you (in visible or invisible), it is known only to the devil himself who can appear before you in the guise of a man or a black dog, appear in a mirror or remain an invisible entity.In any case, you will guess his arrival by the flickering flame of candles and icy cold, which will constrict your heart. Strange noises in the room also indicate the arrival of the devil, no one knows where the draft is coming from and spontaneously moving things.
  7. When the devil appears, do not betray your fear and excitement, do not make nervous cries and do not try to touch him. State the devil your proposal and try to conclude with him the most profitable deal for themselves. Although it is unlikely that you will be able to beat such a skilled negotiator as the Prince of Darkness himself, try to bargain with him for everything that is possible.
  8. When the deal is concluded, Satan will leave. Evidence of his departure will be extinguished candles and the disappearance of the burden lying on your heart.

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