How to call a department?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
January 24, 2013
How to call a department?

You open a kind of mini-production, for example, by sewing and selling clothes. Preparation is nearing completion, everyone is waiting for the opening. After all, the department will begin work on sewing clothes, several departments in the enterprise and several departments of women's clothing in stores will open. Everything is going according to plan, but there are still unresolved issues that are important to the enterprise.

How can you call a department

There are many questions, and one of them, what is the name of the department? If this department is located directly in production and is engaged in the process of sewing and selling clothing, then it should be called according to the type of work that its workers perform. For example, if the management of an enterprise gathered in a department, then we call the department “Directorate”, here no extra words are needed. The marketing, public relations and advertising departments can also be called the “Public Relations Department” or the “Advertising Department”, everything should be official and without much fantasy. Also on such production there may be other departments: “Quality Control Department”, “Information Department”, “Information Services Center” and others. It all depends on the needs and type of activity.

If you are faced with the question of how to call the clothing department, then here your fantasy should give yourself free rein. The name of the clothing department depends on what kind of clothing it will be sold: men's, women's or children's. Before you give a name to the department, go to the competing stores that are located in your area. Analyze their names, consider all the pros and cons that you managed to notice. After all, in some stores there were many customers, while in others there were a lot less. One of the reasons may be the name of the department. If it is faceless, for example, Zarya, then this name does not cause any associations for the buyer.

Division names: examples

And how to call the department of women's clothing, so you want to go there? For example, “Elegant Lady”, for middle-aged women, this name says a lot. "Young lady" will attract teenage girls. Today, many departments of women's clothing are named after women. It is not recommended to adopt such a tendency for yourself: the buyer gets confused in the name of the store and does not remember it.

If the department sells clothes for men, then, accordingly, the name must correspond to this type of product.“Elegant”, “Clothing for men”, “Male oasis” - those names that will attract representatives of a strong article.

“Clothes for the baby”, “Shorts, skirts and everything else”, “Fashion girls and fashion women” - these names speak for themselves. Parents can safely go to the departments of children's clothing with such names.

When the company starts working, the sales department will start working intensively. During the Soviet era, such departments were called dry and simple: “Sales Department”. And how to call the sales department in a modern enterprise? Here, too, do not need extra phrases, everything should speak for itself: "The department of finished products," "The department of ready-made clothes," "Sales Department."

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