How to breastfeed in public places

The life of a young mother should not stop with the birth of a child. On the contrary, the child brings a lot of new things into it, just forget about all the existing stereotypes that interfere with the modern mother. As, for example, that it is impossible to feed the child in public places.

To feed the child in public places can and should be. And if you do not plan to spend the entire period of breastfeeding in four walls, then you just can not avoid it.

Agree, it is easier to calmly feed the child on the street, in a cafe, at an exhibition, or where they still find the child’s hunger, and continue to enjoy walking, talking with girlfriends over a cup of tea or joining the beautiful than throwing it all and hastily transporting the screaming child home. Once faced with the last option, you are unlikely to ever decide to get out of the house with the child.

We will share tips with you on how to breastfeed in public places that will make your life easier with babies.


There are many modern gadgets for nursing mothers. You can use their more simple and cheap options.

Comfortable clothes.There are special clothes for feeding - slots, smells in it sewn so that they can easily and unnoticeably give the child without removing it. The minus of such clothes is its high price. Another option is to choose clothes from your wardrobe that is easily undone with either a wide neckline or a scent. You can also wear a vest with elastic straps that you can simply pull off the shoulder.

Bra for feeding.He supports the chest, does not press on the shoulders, adapts to the changing size of the breast, but, most importantly, his cup comes off, exposing the nipple and the halo, allowing him to feed comfortably, and without undressing much. You can use a regular bra with a detachable strap.

Apron for feeding.Another invention to help nursing mothers. Such an apron allows you to cover the child during feeding, so that the child will not be distracted by passers-by from important work, they will not embarrass you, and you will not be confused by passers-by. All good.Again, if such an apron is not available to you, take a wide shawl or tippet with you for a walk.

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Sling.In sling not only it is convenient to carry a child, but also imperceptibly for the eyes of those surrounding to breastfeed in public places. At the same time, you don’t even have to look for a secluded place where you can sit down and calmly breastfeed your baby. The baby can eat on the go. All the same, you go, not him. You can choose a sling that suits you: on rings, a scarf, a May-sling or another.

Bag-organizer for mom.Special bags or backpacks for moms are very convenient, because They not only assume all sorts of departments for the things that you will need during your walk, but are also equipped with a litter on which you can dress your child, change his diapers in traveling conditions.

Wet wipes.Of course, even without our advice you carry them with you. And now they will also be useful to you in order to wipe your hands, if it is not possible to wash them, before breastfeeding in a public place.

Water and snack for yourself. You remember that during feeding you are very thirsty? And after - also there is. It is better to have everything with you.


Breastfeeding can be done almost anywhere - from a park or a street, to a huge supermarket.

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In the park or on the street.If it's warm outside, you can find a secluded courtyard or a bench in the park and sit on it with your baby. If there are no shops in the radius of visibility, you can even sit on the lawn, if you have something to spread yourself, or look for a gazebo or even a swing in the park, sit there and quietly feed the baby, enjoying the rest and fresh air.

In the cafe.In the cooler time or in the absence of a nearby park, you can sit at a distant table of a summer cafe, away from prying eyes. Ask for help from a bartender or a waiter, usually everyone goes to meet young moms and help by showing you where you can wash your hands and even change clothes for a baby.

In the supermarket.In large stores and supermarkets there are usually lonely and quiet shops, or hygiene rooms, children's rooms. In addition, you can always use the fitting room in the clothing department. In the shops they work for the most part like you women, they will understand you and will meet you.

At airports, railway and bus stationsThere is usually a hygiene room or a mother’s and child’s room, just find out where she is and use it. If it is not there - act as described earlier - find a secluded place with a bench and feed.

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Feed on demand.Do not bring up to the moment when the crumb from hunger begins to scream heart-rending, then the chance for a calm feeding without attracting too much attention will be lost. At the first sign of a baby’s readiness for attachment (smacking, tongue pulling, sucking movements), quickly arrange a feeding place. Imagine your entire route and choose the most convenient and closest place in it. It is better to make a travel plan and stops for food in advance.

Be relaxed and calm.The child feels your condition and will be worried with you, and the milk during stress will be worse to stand out. Cover yourself and turn away from the flow of people - many either will not notice your actions, or they will think that you are just shaking your baby.

Do not take the baby from the chest.When you are breastfeeding in a public place, try to stay calm. Even if someone approaches you, sudden movements can scare the baby and injure your breasts. Do not react to comments or statements from the outside, do not be nervous and do not worry - you are doing everything right! There is nothing more beautiful in the world than a woman with a baby in her arms.

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