How to become tougher in character

Comfort zone

Come out - or rather, “pull yourself out of your ears” from the comfort zone, despite the fear.
Hiding in the sink, we condemn ourselves to miss the interesting thing that happens in life.

If a person wants to become more confident and stronger, it is important for him to start doing what is unusual and difficult.
For example, you were invited to a party, but you know that there will be a person who mocks you. The first impulse - to stay home and quietly get angry at the villain. We need to overcome it and meet the challenges. Only in this way can they be defeated. Of course, it is worth preparing: remember what exactly the abuser is laughing at, and come up with witty answers. But at the same time it is important not to go on a visit with one goal - to fight back. This mood is felt, and suddenly a person has revised his behavior? You need to go to a party with the task of having fun, but have a backup plan in case of a psychological attack.

Or suppose you are afraid to express your opinion - in a company or at a meeting. Especially in the presence of an authoritative person whose views differ from yours. It is necessary to learn once and for all: a person has the freedom of choice and the honor to have an opinion that is different from those around him.You have every right to say out loud what you think, even if this decision is to become tougher_ step7

Uncertain people often keep silent, afraid to fall into someone's disfavor or make a mistake, although they have something to offer, and because of this they lose their laurels.
Of course, as the unforgettable Mark Twain said: “It is better to keep quiet and seem foolish than open your mouth and dispel all doubts.”

But if the idea is really good, do not deprive the world of a chance to consider it. Just say it out loud - and wait for the reaction. Didn't work out? Do not give up, wait for the next opportunity. Happened? Accept congratulations and mentally shake your hand.

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