How to become a bitch?

For many, the image of a fatal and powerful womanis equivalent to the concept of "bitch". Those. bright, ambitious, strong-willed and active woman who, thanks to her strong character, can achieve almost everything. That's what most people think. It happens that this is all - no more than a myth, but it happens the other way around. If you want to achieve unprecedented heights in life and for this you think how to become a real bitch, then without advice you can not do.

Portrait of a bitch

  • First, bitters are attractive, and theyuse their spectacular appearance to achieve their goals. Beauty and brightness will, among other things, also add self-confidence - the main quality of any bitch.
  • It is worth choosing bold shapes and colors, because the brightness for a bitch is an attribute of her style. Everything should be screaming about the exclusivity of the lady - from hair and makeup to pedicure.
  • Follow the fashion trends and choose the most extravagant - that's the goal. Because Dress like this can only be courageous in spirit, respectively - only bitch.
  • Pride is the main feature of a bitch. And it manifests itself, firstly, in the eye. The view must be arrogant and calm, you need to look only in front of you, and never - under your feet. The higher and the steeper the posture and the inclination of the head, the better. Softness in the eyes can be shown only for a certain circle of people. Therefore, if your goal - how to become a bitch for a husband, then look favorably only after the meritorious achievements of the faithful.
  • Behavior must also demonstrateexceptional pride and self-sufficiency. No opinion is an authority for a bitch, so communication with people will acquire a different shade, be prepared. After all, if you do not listen to anyone's opinion, then relatives and friends who love to give advice will stop wanting to communicate with you. But, then you are a bitch, so as not to pay attention to it.
  • In general, such concepts as friendship will become problematic. After all, any experience is a symbol of weakness, and bastards never admit their weaknesses - neither to themselves, nor to anyone else.
  • To achieve career heights, you need to becynic. Unprincipled, walking on the "head", ready for the sake of success at all. Without this quality it is difficult to imagine a bitch. After all, it is cynicism that helps to treat people as ways to achieve their goals.
  • Of course, in addition to intrigues and manipulation of people,to achieve success, the bitch uses his mind and professionalism. To ensure that both are in excess, you need to constantly raise the levels of your skills and intelligence. Then arrogant behavior will be justified by your merits.
  • Before you become a bitch irrevocably, it is worth remembering that in dealing with people there should be a maximum amount of bile and sarcasm. This will perfectly offend the general attitude of your arrogance.
  • With colleagues it is better to communicate only on professional topics, not spreading about your life, and deliberately not being interested in a stranger.
  • The mistakes of others should be criticized in a proper acute form, and their own ones are ignored. Only in case of obvious and tough competition from your side, you can stand out in the team.
  • Families usually bitch do not get, because it takes a lot of so precious forces and time that could be spent to achieve success. But men have enough bastards. It may just be cohabitants, or even husbands, but they will all be shown that they are only a small attribute of the life of a bitch.
  • Rather, men need only to achieve their owngoals - advancement on a career ladder, financial independence. Many bitch had unhappy love stories, which, usually, turn women into bitch. Therefore, men are kept at a distance, not allowing themselves to repeat the unfortunate past.

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