How to assemble a shield?

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How to assemble a shield?

The electrical panel is not only responsible for the option of safe operation of the wiring and metering of the electricity consumed, but also qualitatively distributes electricity to all consumers.

Every good owner should be able to handle the switchboard. In this article, just go and talk about how to collect the shield on their own.

What is the shield?

Before you collect the shield, let's deal with its main components:

  • The main circuit breaker, which de-energizes the wiring during the slightest short circuit.
  • A differential relay that reacts to a leakage of current and allows you to "poke your fingers" into the socket safely (and still do not recommend checking how well it works).
  • Auxiliary circuit breakers that control the circuit of a single room.
  • A distribution bus is a copper contact strip that is used to quickly and safely connect circuit breakers.
  • Zero rail - combines zero cables.

We collect the shield

In addition to the above components, each electrical panel has special rails for installation of equipment - two short and one long. These rails, as well as the main circuit breaker, are installed in the shield directly by the city services, and it is illegal to change something in them.

However, everything else will be collected independently. On the first short rail, as a rule, the main automat is installed, on the second it is necessary to install a differential relay.

Before fixing the component, carefully inspect it, check several times where the zero is and where the phase is. Important! Turn off the main machine at the time of installation! The mounting scheme of the differential relay is the same as the switching circuit of the main circuit breaker.

After installing the differential relay, we mount auxiliary circuit breakers and connect them with distribution bus. Not far from the machines, we install a zero rail and with the help of one of the screws on it, we connect to it the zeros of the automata and the differential relay.

At first glance, the work is simple, but without special knowledge we still don’t recommend doing it, the slightest mistake in this case can cost life.

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