How do plants grow?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
April 19, 2013
How do plants grow?

All plants are living organisms, so they grow and develop. Many people are interested in how plants grow, how this happens. You also want to know how a huge tree grows from a small seed? Now we consider in detail the process of plant growth.

As you know, an adult plant does not appear by itself. Many plants grow from the usual, sometimes very small seed. First, a small sprout appears from the seed, which subsequently gradually becomes a young plant. Over time, the young plant develops and turns into an adult.

In order to fully understand why plants grow, it is necessary to understand what makes plants grow in length and thickness.

The plant increases in length due to the division of cells of a special tissue, which is called educational. The thickening of the plant occurs due to the educational tissue called cambium. At the time of flowering, as well as in the interval between autumn and spring, the cells of this tissue no longer divide.

Before you find out for yourself where plants grow, you should talk about the conditions of their growth.

Growth conditions

As you know, plants need heat, because substances (enzymes) that accelerate the reaction of growth and development will not work at low temperatures.

Light is needed to ensure that the photosynthesis reaction constantly proceeds, as a result of which organic substances are formed, oxygen is released from water and inorganic substances. Many plants love light, but there are plants that grow in the shade.

Plants get nutrients with water, metabolism is impossible without it, and air is a source of carbon dioxide.

Plant species

All plants can be divided into cultivated and wild. This division is due to the fact that some plants are specially grown by a person in special conditions in the territories designated for this, including in his garden, while others grow in nature by themselves.

Cultivated plants are quite developed in comparison with wild ones, their organs are rather large in size. And wild plants (weeds) grow as they please, showing aggressive behavior in relation to cultivated plants.

Where do plants grow? Look around - plants are everywhere! These are plants in parks and forests, and vegetables in the mother’s garden, and indoor plants in the apartment. Plants grow wherever there are conditions for their growth. And what are the conditions, we have already discussed a little higher.

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