How much milk does a newborn need?

One of the biggest fears of the first-born mother is that the baby lacks breast milk, he is starving. This fear is successfully maintained in maternity hospitals, aggressively offering to feed the baby. In order to dispel mom's doubts, we will answer all questions regarding how much milk a newborn should eat and how to understand that the baby is fed up.


During the first breastfeeding, which occurs in the hospital, the newborn baby eats very little. Yes, he still does not know how to actively suck, the lactation process has not been established, and mom does not have milk during this period. But do not worry, the child will not be hungry. Colostrum, which is produced before the arrival of milk, provides the infant's body with all the necessary nutrients.

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From feeding to feeding, the baby’s sucking skill is improved, the baby sucks the breast increasingly,which increases the amount of milk from mom. At the same time, the dynamics of increase in the volume of milk (colostrum, transitional milk, mature milk) is quite fast.

The amount of milk eaten by newborns:

  • on the second day of life- about 90 ml (for each feeding a newborn eats from 10 to 30 ml of milk);
  • on the third day of life- can increase to 190 ml (lactation has become more intense, and the baby - a little more experienced);
  • on the fourth day- reaches 300 ml (the activity of the lactation process increases, the child improves the skill of sucking);
  • on the fifth day- grows to 350 ml;
  • on the sixth- 400 ml of milk, etc.

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Of course, the amount of milk will not increase to infinity. As soon as its volume rises to the age norm, the dynamics of the lactation process will slow down and then stop at a certain level. From this point on, the volume of milk produced by the mother and eaten by the newborn will be more or less stable. Thus, a three-week-old child normally eats as much milk per day, as much as by weight corresponds to one-fifth of its own weight.

How much milk does a newborn need?



Understand how much milk the child ate, you can resort to control weighings. To do this you will need a tray medical scales. Weigh the baby before and after feeding. The difference between the results of weighing the newborn and indicate the amount of milk that the child ate for one feeding.

The resulting figures are recorded in a graph that makes it easy to monitor all changes: if the newborn is fed enough, the line of his weight rises evenly.

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However, regular weighing is very troublesome. In addition, it happens that the child eats an uneven amount of milk, which makes the mother nervous. Mom's anxiety, in turn, can lead to a decrease in the amount of milk, and in difficult cases even to its loss.

Therefore, it is better to check whether the newborn milk is sufficient, by indirect signs.

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You can understand if your baby has enough milk:

On the state of the child.About good nutrition of the newborn will tell his cheerful mood and restful sleep.

On wet diapers.Normally, after the first three days of life, a newborn pisses 6-8 times a day and has a chair two or three times a day.

On my mother's feelings.Often the mother feels the rush of milk, in the intervals between feedings, it can even flow out of the breast, creating some discomfort. If these feelings are familiar to you, you can be sure that your baby has enough breast milk.

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