How many people died on the Titanic? How many survived the crash?

Many people are still wondering how many people died on the Titanic. Endless disputes and debates have not ceased for many years. We will try and shed light on some of the nuances of what happened. So, we are preparing to discuss how many people were killed / saved on the Titanic. But first - a small excursion into the past.

Who had the idea of ​​building a giant liner

The mystery of the century is "Titanic." How many people died and survived? To determine the exact number, it is necessary to meticulously calculate how many crew members and passengers could theoretically accommodate a powerful ship. The ocean liner was built because of the ongoing dispute between the two giants of shipbuilding, which at that time were the White Star Line and the Cunard Line. To become an absolute record holder and become famous throughout the world, the first organization needed to create an incredible in its scope project, which would be the most according to the criteria of capacity and size.

how many people died on the titanic

The process of building a dead ship

The steamer "Titanic" was built for three years. The process was regulated at the shipyard "Harland and Wolfe", located in Belfast. The liner was launched on May 31, 1911. The event was solemn, long-awaited and pompous. This is not surprising, because at the time of commissioning it was considered the largest ship in the world. But the fact of launching did not mean the completion of a huge project. Adjustment work continued, equipment was checked and mechanisms were in good condition.

Technical specifications and project budget

The parameters of the ship are impressive: it had a length of 269 meters, a width of 30 meters, and had a displacement of 52 310 tons. Power was 55,000 horsepower. The steamer had the opportunity to reach speeds of up to 24 knots. This effect was achieved through the installation of three screws, two engines on four cylinders. Of particular importance was the modern steam turbine by the standards. It was the second version of the Olympic class, but more advanced. Shipbuilders tried to fix all the defects inherent in the prototype. The overall dimensions and 15 partitions gave full confidence that the statistics will never count how many people died, or "Titanic." Given all the characteristics of the vessel, flooding seemed impossible.

how many people died on the titanic

Shipbuilding Guide

The Irishman Thomas Andrews was the chief shipbuilder responsible for the quality of the Titanic. More than one and a half thousand ordinary workers took part in the voluminous process, not counting the top management. How many people died on the Titanic, despite the well-coordinated work of the team?

Vessel capacity

Let's try to find out how many people died on the Titanic, for this you can use the data of the technical map of the vessel. She says that in theory, the ship could safely accommodate 2,439 people from among the passengers and 908 crew members. By simple calculations, we determine that there could be 3347 people on board at the same time.

titanic how many people died and survived

Cabin classification for passengers

People with tickets were divided into three classes, depending on its value. The first class was considered the most comfortable and belonged to the elite. There were numerous services at the guests' disposal: a swimming pool, a gym for playing sports, a Turkish steam room, a court for playing games, an elektrovenna (at that time there was a semblance of a modern tanning bed). Also, passengers with pets could leave them in a special compartment during the trip.Incredible luxury was a feature of the dining room and the smoking lounge. High society people could enjoy a pleasant meal in a cozy atmosphere of wealth. The level of service, even the third class significantly exceeded the simple tours on other transatlantic ships. Cabins of all classes were equipped with all the necessary amenities. They have always been warm, light and spacious. Passengers were offered a simple but balanced menu with a variety of dishes. After high-quality food, they could go on a boat trip on the deck. Passengers were not allowed to be not on their territory. Plots were strictly distributed depending on the class.

how many people died saved on Titanic


The survivors of the Titanic crash witnessed a shortage of boats for all passengers. On board the ship was located only 20 lifeboats. On them it was possible to place only 1178 passengers of the liner. As mentioned above, only 3347 people could travel on the ship. From this we can make a logical conclusion that the designers were initially aware that in the event of a global crash, less than half of the total number of those present could be saved. Such a mistake was justified by the visual incapacity of the handsome liner.No one could even suggest that in a short time after the departure of the giant it would be necessary to count how many people died on the Titanic in 1912. The British Merchant Shipping Code calculated the possibility of the availability of rescue equipment based on the tonnage of the vessel. Initially, it was supposed to equip the Titanic with 48 boats, but in the end, the management insisted on only 20. How many people died on the Titanic because of the alleged confidence in the ship’s unsinkability?

Unlike the situation with boats, life jackets were available on the liner in full. Their number was determined by the figure of 3560 pieces. Quality product had cork filler. Also on board were life-rings in the amount of 49 pieces.

how many people died on Titanic in 1912

Crew training

How many people died on the Titanic and who is responsible for this tragedy? One of the main assumptions is the lack of proper training from crew members. None of the team was properly prepared for an emergency. As such, the training was practically not conducted, the rules of operation of life jackets and lifeboats were paid very little attention. Pilot exercises were conducted only once.Before sailing with the passengers, the necessary work (briefing) on ​​how to act in case of danger to life was also not carried out. It is known that on the day before the tragedy one exercise was planned on boarding in boats, but due to windy weather, the event was canceled.

On the eve of the departure, the Department of Commerce of Great Britain inspected the vessel and made a decision on the serviceability of the equipment and compliance with all regulations.

First and last flight

Cruise liner "Titanic" went to the open sea from Southampton at 12 o'clock in the afternoon on April 10. At the port itself, he almost collided with another steamer. Perhaps it was a sign, but at that moment no one paid proper attention to it. At the time of launch, there were 1,316 passengers and 908 crew members on board. The figures are approximate, the exact number of passengers is unknown. Someone canceled the trip and was not deleted from the lists, someone traveled under an assumed name. Now it is very difficult to restore the full picture. In the spring, usually transatlantic flights were not popular, as happened this time. The vessel was half full.The command of the liner took Edward Smith, one of the most experienced captains of the company. He went to sea for 40 years out of his 62. It was his last flight, the crew members were saved last. How many people died in the Titanic crash? We will try to answer this question below.

how many people died in the Titanic crash

Iceberg collision

The Atlantic Ocean can be called calm, but even here bad weather conditions and other adverse factors can be observed - after all, the sea element ... Judging by the plan, the Titanic should not have been in the zone of ice blocks, since safe course. But on the evening of April 14, the unexpected happened. The society was presented with information that due to the dark time of day the crew members did not see the iceberg. It was considered too late, when at a distance of 650 meters it was no longer possible to avoid a collision, despite all the commands given. At 23:40, a gorgeous liner with a sliding blow hits the underwater part of a huge block of ice. How many people died on the Titanic because of a failed maneuver?

The damage turned out to be significant: more than 5 holes in the compartments, the body was damaged approximately 90 meters in length. In a matter of seconds, the crew realized that the fate of the Titanic was tragic.The designer suggested that in 1 hour 30 minutes the ship would completely go under water.

survivors of the Titanic crash

Evacuation of passengers and the death of the legendary liner

First of all, an order was given to rescue children and women. At first, the true cause of what was happening was not called. People did not understand what was happening. The water all came, people panicked. "Titanic" lurched more and more. It soon became clear that there would not be enough boats for everyone. At 2 am the last lifeboat was loaded. The rest had no chance of escape. At 2 hours and 20 minutes over the ship the waves closed.

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