How do books work?

Publishing a book is not as simple as it can beseem at first sight. To create one, even the smallest book, a lot of people work, beginning with its author and ending with the packer of finished printed products. In this article, we will try to briefly tell you how books are made by modern book publishers.

When the author finishes work on the future book,he goes with his manuscript to the publishing house. After reading it with a writer, they can conclude an author's contract for the release of the book, if the manuscript turned out to be really good, and the publisher agrees to buy it. If the author can not find a publisher interested in typing his work, then he now has the opportunity, if desired, to publish the book at his own expense. After all organizational issues with the publisher have been settled, the very process of making the book begins.

How the book is made

  1. First the manuscript is edited, in itthe semantic inaccuracies are corrected, the text is shortened, if necessary, obvious inconsistencies in the storyline are eliminated. Then it is corrected by the corrector. The artistic editor selects suitable illustrations, fonts and the design of the cover and, based on the edited manuscript, creates the original layout of the future book.
  2. The draft version of the book is sent to the author for review and introduction, if necessary, author's corrections.
  3. If the author approves the draft layout, the publisher makes the final layout of the original layout, which the author necessarily signs, thereby giving his consent to the press.
  4. Next, the layout is transferred to the printing house, where the sheetsbooks will be first printed, then collected in notebooks of 16 pages each, notebooks will be sewn, and fastened together in a ready-made book block. Then, for each block, the fly-leaf and the gauze tape for the spine of the book are glued.
  5. Ready blocks are dried, the edges are cut off at exactlysend to the bookbinder, where they already wait for pre-made covers. The special machine pastes the book block into the cover, after which the finished book is sent for several hours under the press until the glue dries completely.
  6. Brand new, smelling of the fresh paint of the book, get out from under the press, packed in bales and sent to the customer.

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