What is the best way to advertise your business social network? newspapers?

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Answered on November 27, 2014 23:05
Kat, well, in general, everything depends on the target audience - this is, first of all. Secondly, social networks and newspapers are not all channels of communication. Social networks are good in order to promote a business at the start, when everything becomes seriously necessary to start a website and actively engage in its SEO optimization - context, banner advertising, articles with links to the site, etc. Advertising in newspapers, television and radio is also unnecessary, of course. Of course, if you do not have an online store. In this case, the return is minimal, and the investments are large. If the online store to invest better in the active promotion of the network.
Answered on December 28, 2014 07:23
As a born PR man, I recommend your business to “implant” into real life)) your legal personality what does it matter in society?) Yes, think “from the other side” ... you don’t need anything from everyone and what you selfishly want to impose ,why do you really need someone? What do you want to give them? what would they be happy about? What would you like to receive? what do they dream about? fulfill the dreams of clients and they will reach out to you, they will advertise you themselves))) and this is a proven fact) if 15% t.a. knows you, you will not need to impose yourself on everything else, loyal ones will tell about you better than you yourself))) deceive your people’s loyalty) most are inert and like to go even to the Internet in “favorite” shops))) because they are emotionally good there)) reasonable in purchases a little))) so anchor on emotions) fall in love)) tie ... to the process) that's what I call implanted) ... be a part of your people’s life) help them ... in a word, deed and event =) ... attachment to a discount card no longer works much, cards give everything ... and no one likes to feel petty and corrupt) everyone, even the most insignificant person, would like to feel great))) charity was invented for this) everyone wants to relax and have childhood play))) there are master classes for this, meeting with all sorts of makers ... well, if fashion is an image-maker) if some things are with the asses of owning them, such "masters of all trades"))) everyone would be glad not only to go for a saucepan / paint / something else. .. and play it right in advance ...it's like a tester, only better ... a tester people take aimlessly ... and at all kinds of show actions the leader gives people a goal ... and they already want to be better than everyone to own the thing being sold;) very cool trick))) but if you give it to everyone as something memorable to the winners, then they will hang it in a prominent place, they will do it themselves everywhere and they will do all the progress for you))) and involve that dreamer child in every game;) it's still good (if accepted, haha) to give something to a star))) attract journalists))) stars)) and everyone who wants to become journalists, stars. bloggers)) you give them the opportunity to say their weighty word and earn fame, they give you what you need) they say about you, well)) even if they do not speak well))) make a scandal is also good =) be provocative) touch for real)) but be strategic))) know your place)) otherwise you will be able to accidentally sink to the bottom =) if you find yourself not at court))) it is important to be just a part of the life of your audience) to love them sincerely, then your suggestions will be natural, harmonious, mutually beneficial, beneficial for everyone and will not know refusal))) but by the way, you don’t even have to ask, only nicely accept that "they will give everything" (c) =)
Answered on September 23, 2015 21:04
You need to make the most of all ways, including taking care of quality packaging.
Answered on September 24, 2015 13:49
There is an option to order cardboard boxes with your logo - and high-quality packaging and immediately advertising.
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AGa tta
Answered on February 5 08:16
I believe that here: the most adequate and useful news and work, etc.

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