Hotel in the Crimea. Inside view

What the hotel guests do not know about, but the management is well aware of it - a frank conversation with the manager about the staff, customers and competitors.
Stop the theft, increase the load, get a profit - these were the tasks facing the hero of this publication last spring, when he moved from the mainland to Yalta, receiving the position of manager of a local hotel. During the year of work, he saw different things and in an interview with the publication HotLine.Travel frankly told what he surprised, pleased and upsetted Crimea.
Crimea from a helicopter
Roman S., manager of the 3 * hotel in Yalta, reports. The real name of the insider is not disclosed, so as not to turn the employer, subordinates and competitors against him.
Staff who don't want to smile
Our hotel was built a few years ago, but until last season it brought only losses. The owner personally had no opportunity to delve into the affairs, which was what the former managers used. Theft flourished in all areas of work, the load during the season was forty percent.As a result, the owner decided to change the hotel management and invited specialists from the capital with the condition that we recruit people for key positions at our discretion, and we will try to keep the main staff.
Crimea from a helicopter
Avoid mass layoffs failed
At the time of my arrival, the hotel staff were Crimeans from mountainous areas and citizens of Ukraine. The latter worked for the most part illegally, and it was too great a risk - each such employee could turn into a fine of 500 thousand rubles for the company. Gone are the days when local authorities overlooked violations of labor laws.
As for the locals, here I personally faced two problems. First, the reluctance to work in principle. Secondly, reluctance and inability to meet the client or even just smile, say: “Yes, we will try to find a way out of the situation”. Instead, people were rude to the guests and sometimes they did not even notice it themselves.
To make an extra move is too lazy, it is better to refuse the client. Seriously. We had one girl administrator, I personally watched her. For example, a person comes in and asks for room availability. She answers him that everything is taken.I then ask: “Why did you say that? After all, there are rooms! ”-“ Yes, but the cheap ones are really busy, but free ones are too expensive for him ”.
Imagine, the administrator looked at the person, and she made a conclusion for him what he could afford and what did not. Suggest having options and discuss them with the client, probably, laziness.
Respect Hall
Neither persuasion nor money to solve such problems we failed. At first I was surprised - it seemed that the employees should hold on to their places, especially since we have them all year-round, and in the winter in the Crimea, in general, there is no work. And we pay by local standards decently. The maid's salary is 20-25 thousand, the administrator receives 2000 per shift, up to 30 thousand a month.
Over time, I realized: change the mentality of people will not succeed. You can not force them to show kindness or initiative, to fulfill their duties, even when "no one is watching."
As a result, we changed almost the entire state, attracted people from the mainland, and experienced people from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities of Russia eagerly went to the middle management position, even losing in salary. People are motivated by the opportunity to move to the Crimea, change the climate,especially as we provide room and board.
In addition to the Russians, there are employees from Donetsk and Lugansk, for them in the Crimea there is a simplified mode of employment. We have very few people from other regions of Ukraine - we accept those who have all the necessary documents. Local left only at the positions of maids.
Crimea from a helicopter
The initiative goes ...
According to my observations, the general trend is this: due to the lack of customer focus, Crimeans are losing jobs in the tourism industry and are missing out on business initiatives.
I remember, it was necessary to update the textiles in the restaurant for a total amount of 200 thousand rubles. I invited the co-owner of a small atelier to the talks. She began by asking to pay her a taxi. And I broke such prices that it turned out to be more profitable for us to order everything in Moscow! Again it was very strange. I thought this woman would grab onto a client like me, because she earns about 6,000 rubles a month. - such income here. So much gets, for example, a school teacher.
Or I ordered transport service for a large corporate event. The prices shocked me, it was expensive even by metropolitan standards.I say: here you wait, the mainland will come here with a new transport, with human prices! Transport workers only shrug their shoulders - like, and what you don't like ...
To Crimea with an empty wallet
Travel agents, do not fantasize!
In general, it was not easy. But already last year, my colleagues and I managed to get the hotel at a profit; in the summer, the average load approached 100%, and in the winter they worked actively on weekends. If you stop the theft and pay attention to marketing, you can achieve a lot.
I wonder what the audience was about. In winter, we were visited by clients of two diametrically different categories: pensioners and young people. Some wanted to rest sparingly, others were attracted to the Yalta clubs, which are again cheaper in the winter.
In the summer, the main part of the guests were families with children, and the initiators of the trips were most often men who sought to show the children of Our Crimea to visit places of military glory with them. Sapun Mountain, the 35 battery museum complex ... The children liked the fathers, too. But wives sometimes grumbled: “I told you! I told you! Patriot found "... Some were overstated expectations in terms of service. This is not surprising - the resorts of Crimea are not cheap, and Yalta especially.
There were complaints to us that it would be logical to send to the city administration. There is a poorly lit street, the beach is not sufficiently landscaped. “Can't you do it with your own money?” The tourists asked me. I can not. Excuse me. I would love to, but who can give access to urban areas!
Many customers complained because they were misinformed at travel agencies. Inadequately described the conditions of placement. They promised sandy beaches, which in Yalta can not be. The most egregious case: in one agency, our hotel was given for a sanatorium, they sent us a grandmother with a grandson who needed treatment for respiratory organs, although we do not have a medical base ... We returned the money to our clients without a sound and helped us find a suitable sanatorium.
I appeal to the managers of travel agencies. Crimea is our native resort since childhood, it is a shame not to know it! You at least read the description of the hotel on the Internet, when working with clients, do not mislead people!
To Crimea with an empty wallet
Turkey is a challenge
Now the hotel market of the Crimea, of course, in suspense. Against the background of affordable Turkey, everyone’s sales are far from being as active as a year ago.The directors of large hotels lost their nerves in the spring, and they sharply reduced prices for May-June. I find this a largely emotional decision. But as a result, the managers of all other hotels, including us, also had to lower prices.
In the summer season of 2017, we entered with alarm, but also with the hope of “our tourists” in love with the Crimea. If July-August allowed to load at normal prices, the summer sells itself, then what will happen in September-October? Here is the main question. That's what I'm doing now. It is necessary to optimize the cost, increase service.
If Turkey had been closed again, one could simply raise prices to last year’s level and sleep well. So argue our local competitors.
In any case, whatever happens, I believe in the Crimea!
Respect Hall
Let me remind you that this was an interview with the manager of one of the Yalta hotels.

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