Horoscope: Taurus, star sign

Taurus is a sign of the zodiac, which is experiencing the immense influence of the Moon and Venus, and therefore the driving force of people born under this sign is love - in all understandings of the word. They will always strive to master any object they strongly desire. Taurus is a sign of the zodiac that cannot be deceived. And if it works, it is better to hide the truth until the end of his days, because if it opens, then this person will be furious. These people are strong and strong. Supports the zodiac sign Taurus Element Earth. From her he takes firmness, courage and integrity of character. These people persistently achieve the desired, going towards their goal through. Taurus is a sign of the zodiac, though firm, but in its heart these people are pleasant and lovely, even somewhat naive and very trusting. However, if you hurt his feelings, then it is better not to stand on the road later. These people are vindictive and extremely cruel. These qualities are found in respectable personalities. People of this sign love to take care of something in advance and reap the fruits of the sown.

Taurus Zodiac SignApril

April Taurus melancholic enough, but effective and practical. They have a solid quick mind and pronounced propensities for the activities of a merchant. Taurus - a sign of the zodiac, born under which will not take up the case, if they are not sure that it will bring them profit. These personalities are persistent and patient, but for a long time they cannot dare to act. As for friendship, these people are the embodiment of nobility and devotion.


Star Sign Taurus Element

Taurus born in early May, do not possess determination. They are subject to reverie and melancholy, but do not forget to really look at things. These are sincere and trusting people living according to the laws of nature. Very hardworking - if you work, then to exhaustion. The calves, who were born in the middle of May, are not very fond of communication, are rather pessimistic and hard to experience trouble. What they love is loneliness. The common feature of all of the above is that they dislike controversy, noise and unnecessary fuss. If they are in the company, they prefer to watch from the sidelines. Taurus - a sign of the zodiac, having such quality as delusions of grandeur.By this they are a bit similar to the Lions - they also believe that they are the center of the universe, and they are genuinely surprised if they discover that someone does not want to obey them.


The zodiac sign of Taurus

The description of the zodiac sign Taurus says that they are masters of all trades and prefer to do everything themselves. For a long time this sign is associated with fame, wealth and material well-being. It is attracted to them by itself. What Taurus can do best is cook. With regard to professional activity, I would like to note that of people born under this zodiac sign, they turn out excellent teachers, patient and seasoned. Even these people have a delicate taste. And therefore they are not interested in such a dirty and obscene, in their opinion, matter as a politician. They could do this, but the hindrance is a natural disgust.


Finally, let's say a few words about love. Here only one phrase is enough - Tauruses fall in love once and for all. And over time, these feelings only get stronger.

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