Hoodie - what is it? What is different from sweatshirts, sweatshirts? What to wear?

Now in everyday wardrobe, beauty and compatibility are no longer as important as convenience and practicality. But it’s very easy to get confused in a variety of foreign names of familiar items of clothing. For example, Hoodie - what is it? What makes hoodie look different from a sweatshirt or a sweatshirt? What of this fashion?

Hoodie what is it

Different types of sweatshirts

Sweatshirt is sportswear. So called loose jacket with long sleeves. The sweatshirt can be either with a zipper or without any zipper. This is a very practical type of clothing. First, dense fabric retains heat well even on the coldest winter days. Secondly, the knitted fabric, from which sweatshirts are usually made, stretches only in width, which makes these jumpers also very durable. Sweatshirts are sewn from a mixture of cotton with lycra and polyester, as well as synthetic fibers (footer, fleece, sometimes used parquets).It is better to choose hoodies from the footer - this material retains heat better, but at the same time also contributes to the free circulation of air.

Sweatshirts are several types. There are at least a sweatshirt and hoodie. What it is? A sweatshirt is a loose crew-neck jumper with no fasteners. Put on a jumper over his head. Another distinctive feature of a sweatshirt is a triangle under the neckline, which is formed from two intersecting seams. Once there was a piece of fabric sewn in there that absorbed all the sweat, but now this element has only a decorative function. Sweatshirts are made of dense knitwear, warmed from the inside with fleece, nap or other materials.

Hoodie men

What is Hoodie: Definition

Hoodie - what is it? This item of clothing is distinguished by the presence of a hood. This is an elongated sweater, which today is the most common model of sweatshirts. Hoodie - clothes with long sleeves, a pocket- "kangaroo", can also be lacing-utyazhka on the hood. This sweatshirt looks like an anorak - a slight twist with a hood that slips over your head. Hoodie sew from soft knitwear, most often - with the addition of fleece.

origin of name

The name of sportswear comes from the English word hood, which means "hood." Generically, the word “hoodie” in Russian refers both to the middle and to the female gender. In favor of the first one, the similarity with “coat”, “kepi” speaks, and to the second variant, the generic concept - a sweatshirt - inclines. By the way, the English hood can also mean "area of ​​the city", which directly indicates the connection of this free sweater with urban fashion.

Hoody women

The origin of the Russian "sweatshirt"

No less interesting is the history of the origin of the generic concept of the word “hoodie” - “sweatshirt”. It is interesting that there is a connection with the literary past. In his time, Leo Tolstoy wore a Russian peasant shirt, which, it would seem, was no different from the clothes of that time. But later in the same free shirt with long sleeves began to dress populists. They imitated Count Tolstoy, and not simple peasants. These people also called themselves “Tolstoyans”. A little later, another concept appeared that was referred to as a populist's shirt - “sweatshirt”. Today, this word with a rich history has become firmly established in the vocabulary of any young person.

Short story hoodie

Returning to Hoodie (what it is, it was described above), one can say that in the form in which this clothing exists now, it was first shown by Claire McKardel at one of the fashion shows in the United States. The first wave of Hoodie popularity is the seventies, when subcultures and hip-hop were rapidly developing in New York. Then sweatshirts were associated only with black representatives of the criminal community, but the designer decided to make this free jumper a forming element of his collection. Interest in the sweatshirt increased after the release of the movie "Rocky" (1976) with Sylvester Stallone in the lead role. Then the athletes and young people actively began to wear hoodie to be like the main character of the tape - Robert (Rocky) Balbou.

In the nineties, the hoodies became a symbol of a separate society of energetic youth. At the same time, such famous designers as Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Tommy Hilfiger turned their attention to sweatshirts. A free long sleeve sweater became the basis of their fashion collections, which the most famous models showed in New York, London and Paris.

hoodie hoodies

Fashionable Images with Hoodie

The fashion for practical models led to the leaders of the current year just hoody. Men's and women's, in soothing colors or bright hues, completely loose and long or short - this sportswear will probably move into the new season. Long hooded sweaters can be worn by girls with any shape. Even with such clothes you can emphasize the features of the figure or hide some flaws. Not for nothing that there is a little tight-fitting and loose hoodie, dresses, sweatshirts and short models.

The most fashionable products - made from expensive materials. Such Hoodie claim to be the classics. In a fashion and bright colors, poisonous colors, and calm, pastel colors, and a variety of prints. Decorating with rhinestones or inscriptions of neon color is also permissible, but, of course, in moderation. Another fashionable trend is European Hoodie (New Year's, with a print of deer, Christmas trees, snowflakes), ethnic and exotic prints. A warm women's hoodie with fur will perfectly replace seasonal jackets, parks and winter raincoats. Fur is better to choose the one that mimics sheep's wool. Many women of fashion especially like European models.

hoodie hooded

Hoodie with a hood can be worn with jeans, any voluminous “bottom” (for example, maxi skirts, boyfriend jeans), leggings, denim shorts.

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