Hematite is a stone with special properties. Hematite (krovavik): jewelry, properties

Mysterioushematite is a stonesurrounded by superstitions and legends from ancient times. He was attributed to human blood. Used to draw a magic circle to avoid the attack of dark forces. According to the legends of Hellas, the Perseus shield was made from polished hematite. With his help, the Medusa Gorgona was defeated.

In 2004, hematite was discovered on Mars. Perhaps it is he who gives a red hue to the planet. Hematite is a stone of warriors, Mars is the ancient Roman god of war. Is this a coincidence?

Hematite stimulates sexual energy, increases attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex. It has a hemostatic effect. Mages consider him one of the strongest talismans. Even in Tibet, the stone is worn from the evil eye and damage.

Hematite stone: origin, name

Hematite is a stone that got its name from the Greek word haimatos, which means blood. If it is pounded into powder and dipped into water, it will turn dark red, similar to blood. Therefore, the second name of hematite is krovavik.

It is a black, gray or brown mineral with a metallic sheen. Hematite is iron ore. The weight of even the smallest pebble is quite tangible. The mineral is used to make ocher (red paint). The Indians, going out on the warpath, painted themselves with hematite powder. They believed that they were gaining strength and courage.hematite stone

In ancient Egypt, krazvik was used to make scarab beetles. It was used in the rituals of the goddess Isis.

The scholar Azhalius of Babylon (I century BC) in his treatise on stones described hematite as the strongest protective amulet.

In the Middle Ages, it was forbidden to look long at the blood-polished to the state of a mirror. It was believed that with the help of magical powers, he can take away the soul of man.

From hematite make special balls for massage, jewelry and souvenirs, statues. It is used in iconography as a mineral pigment.

Hematite Varieties

In nature, there are 4 types of hematite:

  • Iron mica (speculators).
  • Red glass head (krovavik).
  • Martit
  • Iron rose.

Hematite: properties

The natural properties of hematite lie in the fact that it is surprisingly able to concentrate energy, strengthen it. Krovavik is a conductor of a person’s energy-information flow. This is a strong amulet, a talisman. There is a legend that hematite is a stone that can indicate the place of innocently shed blood.hematite stone to whom it suits

Only a blood rimmed in silver can benefit. It should be worn both for men and women for a healing effect or as a protective talisman. Stone protect children from falls and bloody abrasions.

Hematite Healing Properties

Already in ancient times, krovavik used in medicine. It is easily ground to powder, increases the protective properties of the body. It is believed that hematite is a stone thatcan change the composition of the blood, contribute to the restoration of red blood cells.

Krovavik normalizes pressure, helps with anemia and anemia. Delays the growth of tumors (benign and malignant).Affects the regeneration of the bone marrow, the vascular system. Restores functions of the kidneys, spleen, liver.

During lactation, hematite, if hung on the chest, will increase the amount of milk. Able to stop uterine bleeding, relieve menstrual cramps. It neutralizes the effects of depression and stress. It has soothing properties, restores full sleep.

Mages argue that hematite has a positive effect on potency. It can cure from sexually transmitted diseases, remove stones from the kidneys.hematite properties

In no case should hematite be worn under direct sunlight! It heats up quickly and can leave a burn. Also, it can not be used for medicinal purposes with elevated pressure.

If a stone is applied to a wound, cut, or stroked around an injured area, tissue regeneration will intensify, leading to rapid healing.

The magical properties of hematite

Krovavik-hematite - stone warriors. Therefore, it is considered the main male talisman. He bears invulnerability in battle, courage, gives strength to a tired organism. For the warriors to return home alive and well, the witches whispered a magical conspiracy against a stone.

Hematite has an impact on human energy.It can make his mental body strong, which will allow the owner of the stone to influence other people. At the same time, he creates a cocoon around the host, thereby preventing attacks on his astral body. It protects against the invasion of unclean forces.hematite meaning

It protects from the evil eye and damage, but it can not be worn constantly. Strong energy effects of the stone can adversely affect physical and mental health. Therefore, krovavik should be worn as a talisman week, then take a break for a few days.

Mages, shamans often use hematite (stone) in their rites. To suitmineral, who will he protect? The one who treats him with love protects him. If krovavik caught negative thoughts, it can begin to harm his master.

Stone protects against energy vampires. He does not allow to take away the power of his master, he protects from astral invasions.

Energy cleansing stone

Be sure to clear hematite from negative information every 7 days. But unlike most other minerals, it cannot be exposed to direct sunlight.

The best option for cleansing hematite - rinse under running water.Drain and put on recharging near the rock crystal. So the stone is fed by fresh energy, throw off negative information.

Be sure to give rest to hematite. For 1-2 days, it should be removed away from human eyes. For example, in the far corner of the dresser.

Hematite: meaning

Polished stone can help to look into the future. Hematite does not like to combine with other minerals. Therefore, while wearing krovavik, it is better not to put on other stones.

Hematite will give wisdom, invulnerability to its owner. Will save from rash acts, flashes of rage and anger. Dreamers and romantics will give pragmatism, teach realistically assess their strength. Will help in teaching and leadership positions.hematite stone value

Hematite may not like his master, so before putting it on for the first time, you should hold the stone in your palm. Feel his energy. Hear the willingness to help. If intuition suggests that hematite can be harmful - it is better to abandon it.

Protect, protect and improve the one whom he loves - this is the meaning of the stone. Hematite is for strong-willed people.Krovavik synthesizes its energy and the energy of the host. Promotes new beginnings, helps build good relationships with others, enhances intuition. It gives decisiveness and insight, can materialize desires and secret dreams.

Hematite for signs of the zodiac

Astrologers advise caution in using hematite (stone). To suitis it from the signs of the zodiac? This is Cancer, Aries, Scorpio. They benefit from hematite. It will help develop non-standard thinking, improve memory.

In magical rituals, he will contribute to Scorpio - protect against dark forces, give an opportunity to look into the future, help in good rituals. For magical rites, the bloodworm strains into copper.hematite bracelet

Hematite is forbidden to wear Virgins, Gemini, Pisces due to energy incompatibility. Other signs of the zodiac can sometimes wear jewelry made from this stone to increase spiritual strength. If the mineral causes unpleasant feelings, then it is better to abandon it.

Success and good fortune will bring hematite to those born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th, regardless of the month and year of birth.Best of all, a stone helps in the new moon - it concentrates energy, promotes good luck, reveals hidden talents.

Hematite Jewelry

All hematite jewelry should be set in silver or brass. Only for magic rituals should use copper, bronze. Eliminate fatigue and irritability hematite. A braceletfrom it on the right hand will reduce pressure, ensure the delivery of oxygen to the tissues. On the left - slightly increase the pressure, calm the nervous system.blood blood hematite

The ring of hematite will bring happiness to its owner. It should be worn on the index finger. For men - on the right hand, for women - on the left. Hematite is worn on the ring finger for vascular disorders.

Necklaces, beads, pendants can affect vision. Slow down the course of eye diseases. Promote the development of intuition, increased attentiveness.

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