Hamburg A few photos from the trip.

A few photos from my long trip to Europe. In this case, it was from Hamburg :) There was almost no time for shooting, there were other things, I shot everything on the run. Of course I would like to shoot more :)
Well, here is the evening view from the hotel

And this is a couple in love at the zoo:

Well, it's all there, in the transitions of the penguinarium, some kind of boulders hold the net, apparently protection from birds. In general, a large penguinarium, and quintes a lot, you can watch them all mostly underground. And they often hide in dark corners there, and it’s not convenient to watch them. In the Berlin Zoo, everything on the street, there even could easily touch the penguins :)

Well, it's cherry blossoms, all in the same zoo. In the park recreation area for visitors.

The elephant is also big and contains about 8 elephants, I don’t remember exactly. They can be easily fed from the hand, mainly fed with apples, carrots and so on. Immediately comrade fed some special food out of the box. An elephant is a clever animal, immediately thinks how to twist its trunk))

In general, the zoo is quite large and good.But when compared with the Berlin, then visually 2-3 times less. On the whole, I liked Berlin more. There was also a separate terrarium here, entrance is paid separately. I did not go to it, as it did not work out. You can get to the zoo by the red line of the metro, to the station "hagenbecks tierpark" and after leaving the subway, go straight, there is a giraffe statue. The entrance will be almost immediately behind it. With the zoo finished :) I will not lay out the typical photos of animals that have all seen thousands. Now a few photos from the streets of Hamburg. Here I met a couple of interesting cars. Old mini Cooper, and Chevrolet (I don’t know the name unfortunately)

Well, it's just a picture from the street, somewhere in the center, not far from the town hall and the Alster lake.

Somewhere in the same:

Night shot from the Alster lake, this is the very center, the historical part of the city. On the right you can see the town hall, in the center of the lake there is a fountain.

This is the Hamburg metro. One-way ticket price is about 200 rubles :) Expensive. There is a ticket for 1.5 euros but it is just a couple of stops. There is also a tourist ticket, like 6 euros, you can ride with it all day on all public transport. Turnstiles and composters at the entrance to the subway there, the entrance is in fact neither as not controlled at all. But they say controllers can come in and check the ticket, then the penalty will be very decent.But the campaign does not stop many))

Sometimes it leaves the street.

Hamburg port city. The port occupies an entire area of ​​the city. Here are some photos from this area :) There are many such side streets and similar old buildings. They look gloomy in live, some kind of dark and muddy water, the light between these buildings almost does not fall. What is this area of ​​the city resembles Amsterdam.

Everything is usual for Hamburg, water channels, and high-altitude cranes :)

Also somewhere in the port, a building with an unusual architecture :)

Well, something like this :) Personally, I have neutral impressions of Hamburg. Typical city of Germany. I don’t see any reason to extol something, Europe, in principle, is not impressive to me, I like it in Russia. Yes, everything in the photo is beautiful, but it was possible to show other photos, where there is rubbish on the streets, parked bicycles with stolen wheels, sleeping bums everywhere in unmeasured quantities, and so on. But I wanted to show beautiful and artistic photos. In general, here to each his own, how to say to the taste and color ... :) Finally, about the Hamburg airport: I don’t know why it happened, maybe because it was Sunday and a lot of people flew away, but I had to stand 2 hours in queues ...Arrived two hours before departure. It all started right away with a long queue for registration, stood for 40 minutes, then to customs, then an endless queue for inspection. Then the queue at the taxi-free, and then turn to land. In general, barely managed to plane. At the same airport of St. Petersburg, all these procedures when taking off to Germany took 20 minutes of time. In Yekaterinburg, in Koltsovo, there are also 15-20 minutes and everything is ready, no queues.

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