Gingerbread Cookies - An Ancient Christmas Tradition

Ginger root came to us from China. Confucius also pointed to its useful and healing properties. The Quran says that ginger was used in the Ancient East before our era. A little later, it became so popular that it stood on the table along with sugar and salt. However, at first this spice was available only to the high society, and its value was measured in gold. When in the era of great discoveries, oriental spices arrived in Europe in large quantities, the price of ginger fell, and a fragrant root appeared in the homes of ordinary people.Gingerbread Cookie

Little history

Today, ginger in cooking is used very widely. Ale is prepared from it, sprinkling traditional beer with ground seasoning, tea, it is added to meat and baking. For a long time in Catholic countries they are preparing special cookies for Christmas, which includes this spice. It is believed that ginger cookies were first prepared by British monks to decorate a Christmas tree.That is why baking has such a different shape, and after the holiday such decor can simply be eaten, which is very popular with children and adults with sweet teeth. The custom has taken root, and since then cookies are a must-have Christmas attribute in many countries. Gingerbread cookies in Germany are especially loved. The capital of such baking is Nuremberg, because here this culinary delicacy turns into a real masterpiece. In England, Germany and France there are even special guilds of bakers who prepare delicious delicacy for sale.ginger pie

Ginger in the kitchen

Fresh ginger is prominent in oriental cuisine. Small plant sprouts are added to the salad. Marinated ginger is very popular in China. To prepare ginger cake or biscuits, dried and ground root is usually used. However, there are recipes with fresh produce. Dough with aromatic seasoning is popular not only because of its exquisite taste, but also with healing properties. Ginger stimulates blood circulation, warms, boosts immunity, helps fight excess weight and bad mood. The main components of baking are margarine or butter, flour, sugar.And then it all depends on the imagination of cooks.

Ginger CookingCook at home

Gingerbread cookies are easy to make at home. Recipes are many, although the case must be approached creatively. To make the process more interesting, stock up with molds. But snowflakes, Christmas trees, stars and men can be easily cut without them. The result will exceed all expectations: gingerbread leaves just melt in the mouth and very tender. A truly festive treat! Serve it for tea, coffee, cocoa, warm milk.

English Gingerbread Cookies

So, take the softened butter (100 g) and grind it into a soft mass with sugar (3/4 cup). Sift flour (2 cups), add a large egg, 2 teaspoons of ground ginger, baking powder, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon. Dough need to roll on the table, sprinkled with flour. Cut out cookies laid out on a baking sheet far from each other. The oven should be in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 15 minutes. The top should get a golden hue, the bottom will be darker.

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