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Galina name meaning and interpretation of the nameGalina: calm, serene (Greek).
Name Day Galina: March 23 (10) - The holy martyr Galina, together with other martyrs, died for the faith of Christ in 258. At the place of their torment a clean water source appeared.
Mystery named Galina: If Galina misty haze on Galina day will be fibrous.
Zodiac name - Aries. Planet - the sun. The color of the name is crimson. Auspicious tree - pine. The cherished plant is sweet pea. The patron of the name is the jackdaw. Stone mascot - grenade.
Diminutive forms: Galinka, Galya, Galyusha, Galyunya, Galyuha, Ganya, Gul, Alya, Lina.
Characteristic name Galina: Galina is distinguished by stubbornness with which she follows the chosen path and from which she cannot be beaten down. She is able to get out of the most difficult situation due to her diligence, friendliness and ability to be a dear friend. Galina is fast and precise in action, however she is very impulsive and sensual - she easily takes a great interest, and then it is too late ... Her love for children, for men, is her great weakness. Galina is a good organizer, generally a "clockwork" person and very kind, devoid of even a hint of vengefulness.
As a rule, women with this name or very talkative, you can not stop! - or silent such that words can not be pulled out. There is no third.
Name Galina in history: Galina Sergeevna Ulanova-a great Russian ballerina, People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, four times laureate of the State and Lenin Prize. In the years 1928-1944. she danced in the Opera and Ballet Theater. Kirov in Leningrad, and her enchanting talent emerged from the very first steps on pointe. In the years 1944-1960. Galina Ulanova led the main roles in the ballets of the Bolshoi Theater, in the roles of Odette-Odile (Swan Lake), Giselle (Giselle), Juliet (Romeo and Juliet), Raymonda (Raymond), Masha (Nutcracker) ), Aurora ("Sleeping Beauty") and many others, incredibly beautiful, unrivaled roles, the beauty and expressiveness of which can not be captured by any filming.
One of her favorite roles is Giselle in the ballet P. Adana. It tells the story of a young peasant girl who fell in love with a young prince, not knowing his name and rank, and when his secret was revealed, she realized that she had been deceived, that she could never connect with him, and died of grief.The prince, tormented by despair, appeared at night in the cemetery - and suddenly he was surrounded by willows: ghosts of girls who died of love. They tormented the fear of the young men, because of which the hearts of the young enamored virgins were broken, they revenged them. Gisele was also among the jeep ... but her love turned out to be stronger than the jealous hatred: she saved the prince, helped him escape from the cemetery, and only a pale night mist that streamed over the graves reminded him of the danger and that which so dearly and selflessly loved him in life and in death.
After 1960, Galina Ulanova worked as a choreographer and tutor, passing on to new generations of actors what her art always differed in: the rare harmony of all the expressive means of choreography that form the basis of the traditions of Russian ballet school.

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