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Galaxy Ford - a seven-seater minivan with five doors, released by the manufacturer of the American automobile industry "Ford" in 1995. This car made a real sensation in the market, but the company turned out to be not enough, and in 2000 it was decided to upgrade this car. This is how the second model of the Ford Galaxy appeared, the technical characteristics of which significantly exceeded its predecessor. The car was produced until 2006, after which some changes were made again, and the third-generation Galaxy appeared to the world, produced by the manufacturer to this day. In 2010, a small restyling of the car body was galaxy photo

Appearance and dimensions

Galaxy Ford during the change of generations significantly changed its appearance. The first model produced had a very strong resemblance to the Volkswagen Sharan. The subsequent Ford Galaxy, photos of which can be seen below, have their own individual characteristics, which are unique to the style of the American Ford.

More detail should dwell on the "Galaxy III", which is available at the moment. This car has a special body shape, with which the car is an ultra-dynamic car.At the same time, the appearance of the Galaxy Ford is very elegant.

This car can be safely attributed to the class "family car". The dimensions of the car are fully consistent with the capacity to accommodate seven passengers. The length of the Galaxy is 4810 cm, width - 1880 cm, and its height - 1760 cm. In addition, the car has an optimal ground clearance, which is 15 centimeters in height, which is an excellent indicator, especially considering that the car is family owned.galaxy ford

Power units

The company "Ford" offers buyers of this model a variety of types of engines Ford Galaxy. The technical characteristics of the machine are also completely different. Most of the engines run on diesel fuel, but there are also petrol options - it all depends on the needs of the consumer.

The most widely used model with an engine capacity of two liters. In this case, further to make a choice, because there are two two-liter diesel engine and two petrol. The indicators issued by the car vary greatly. For example, diesel engines can produce power cars in 140 and 163 horsepower. While the engine that runs on gasoline - 145 and 203 "horses", respectively.

In Russia, the demand and the 1.6 liter engine capacity of the Ford Galaxy.Reviews about it among consumers are very good. The petrol engine can produce 160 horsepower, while the diesel engine can deliver 115 horsepower.

There is another equipment that has a diesel engine exclusively, the volume of which was 2.2 liters. The power of this car is equal to two hundred horsepower.

It is also noteworthy that all the engines installed on this car are equipped with a galaxy specifications


In addition to a wide range of engines, the Galaxy Ford abounds in various gearbox options.

In accordance with the wishes of the client on the car can install a five or six-speed gearbox, in the event that the choice fell on the mechanics. If the consumer is interested in an automatic transmission, then it will be six-speed.

The car is front wheel drive. Although the first appeared Galaxy Ford had all-wheel drive, it was decided to abandon it for not entirely clear reasons for further upgraded galaxy reviews

Configuration and cost

In Russia, this car comes in two trim levels that have exactly the same appearance. They are called Trend and Ghia.In accordance with the selected configuration will change the various and car options.

First, consider the Trend package, since it is more simplified. It has seven airbags, electric and heated side mirrors, there is an on-board computer and climate control with two zones.

As for the Ghia configuration, in addition to the available options in Trend, there is added cruise control, air conditioning for the rear of the car, as well as a rain sensor. At the request of the buyer in the car can be added any additional options, of course, for a fee.

In Russia, this car is widespread. Its cost in the salons, depending on the configuration, engine and gearbox, starts from 1,100,000 rubles.

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