"Fluffy Jesus" and 8 more fatal mistakes of restorers

21-07-2017, 18:00
The task of the restorers is to restore dilapidated and damaged works of art. Just paint over or paint on will not work, otherwise the masterpiece will be spoiled. But sometimes pseudo-professionals come to work, after which either they have to redo everything or save nothing. At the sight of such work, art lovers discover a vial of valerian.
"Fluffy Jesus"

The most sensational case of unsuccessful restoration occurred in Spain. 80-year-old Cecilia Jimenez volunteered to restore the mural depicting Jesus, adorned the temple of Mercy in the city of Borja. But for some reason, it turned out quite unlike the original. Perhaps the vision failed the elderly woman. The resulting picture was called "Fluffy Jesus."

You can endlessly argue about whether Cecilia is to blame or not. On the one hand, the fresco was spoiled. But on the other hand, the temple has become known throughout the world, and Cecilia is now called the new Goya.
Heroes of the frescoes deprived of the eye

Restoration of frescoes in the Sistine Chapel was the most extensive restoration work of the XX century. But many art critics believe that its result is not the most successful.

When the masters cleaned the soot, they touched the top layer of the frescoes with the corrections of Michelangelo himself. As a result, some of the heroes of the frescoes lost their eyes.
Whim berlusconi

In 2010, workers installed statues of Mars and Venus in front of the residence of Silvio Berlusconi. But the statues were found with missing parts of the body. And Berlusconi ordered to restore them. Everything turned out pretty good, but art critics did not appreciate the rush of the Prime Minister. It is believed that the "correction" of ancient sculptures is akin to vandalism, because we do not know how the statues looked originally. After this criticism, Mars and Venus were returned to their original state.

Lighten the picture

The painting “Saint Anna with the Madonna and the Baby Christ” by Leonardo da Vinci was restored and turned out much brighter and lighter. If earlier dark shades prevailed in the picture, then after restoration the picture became brighter, as if the action takes place on a sunny day. According to experts, this is contrary to the vision of Da Vinci.Some of the experts of the advisory committee of the Louvre have even stopped working in protest against such a restoration.

Unrecognizable Lenin

In every Russian city there is a statue of Lenin. And in the Krasnodar Territory one of the statues was not lucky: after the restoration, Lenin received a disproportionately long arm and someone else's face. It turns out that in this form the monument stood for a long time, until in 2016 the photographs of this “indecency” were not distributed. This story even appeared on central television, after which the leader of the world proletariat was remade.

the great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China - the largest architectural monument. Unfortunately, it slowly collapses.

A few years ago, restorers unsuccessfully reconstructed one of the most beautiful sections of the wall, 780 meters long, simply by covering it with concrete. The case is currently under investigation, and the restoration of the rest of the wall will be treated more closely.
Matrera Castle

Reconstruction of the ancient fortress of Matrera in Spain turned out to be very controversial: the tower began to look too modern. It turned out that restorer Carlos Kevado wanted to show which part of the fortress was new and which part was old. By the way, Architizer, an authoritative community of architects, took the side of Kevado.But the locals are still unhappy.
Tutankhamen's beard

In 2014, an employee of the Cairo Museum dropped Tutankhamun’s 10-kilogram golden mask, and his beard fell off the relics. Instead of going to the professionals, the woman turned to her husband-restorer.

He stuck his beard with superglue. Yes, and at the wrong angle. In addition, he smeared Tutankhamen's chin with glue, decided to scrape it off and scratched the mask. Fortunately, it was recently restored properly.
Baby with a strange head

The sculpture of the Madonna and the baby Jesus in the Canadian city of Sudbury once suffered by the hands of the Vandals: the baby's head was broken off and stolen.

Artist Heather Wise volunteered to correct the situation. But the result of her work looked more than strange and caused discontent among local residents. The head of the sculpture received a strong resemblance to the youngest character in The Simpsons - Maggie.
But in the end, Heather's actions played a positive role in this story: the person who stole the real head was embarrassed (apparently, by Heather’s work) and returned it. The sculpture has been restored.
It is worth noting that cases of unsuccessful restoration of works of art are rare.Today, thanks to the painstaking work of restorers, countless works by past masters have been preserved.

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