Flower heart

Sometimes you really want to beautifully arrange a photo or picture around the edges, but it is not always possible to buy a ready-made frame. Often, such a thing is much more expensive than its appearance and does not always correspond to your desires. I propose to solve this problem with the help of needlework. To make such a floral frame in the shape of a heart, I needed the following materials:
satin ribbons 0,6 and 12 mm;
needle with a wide eye;
the cloth;
embroidery frame;
A usual thread in tone to tapes;
satin ribbons

First of all, with the help of plastic workpiece (you can and hand), mark the contour of the future heart.
mark the contour of the future heart

On my own I decided to use two kinds of flowers, so I marked them with two kinds of drawings.
two types of drawings

I apologize for the unevenness, the artist of me, of course, is not important). I decided to start with a rosette spider web. For their embroidery, you need to make five stitches from edge to center with a simple thread in the form of a spider web.
make five stitches

Now proceed to the tapes. From the center of the first spider we derive the tape.
print out the tape

Now we begin to twist the ribbon thread. To do this, hold the ribbon on the first stitch, then under the second.
we carry out a tape over the first stitch

Gradually, the first and second stitches will change places.
stitches will change places

We continue this way until the rosette acquires the right size.
get the right size

It is not necessary to do all the flowers with one ribbon. I decided to make the rest of the roses with a ribbon of a different color.
make a ribbon of a different color

By the same technology we continue to make as many roses as was intended.
continue to make as many roses

Now you can do the rest of the flowers. To do this, we draw a narrow ribbon from the line of the inner circle, and end the stitch slightly beyond the line of the outer circle.
narrow ribbon from the inner circle line

So that such a flower does not lose its beauty against the background of roses, I decided to make it two-color.
finish stitch

To fill the middle of these "daisies" I used the technique of embroidery with ribbons "French knot". At the intermediate stage, the work looks like this.
make it two-color

french knot

It's time to green our meadow a little. With the help of a narrow green ribbon and ordinary sewing stitches we depict leaves and stalks.
ribbon embroidery technique

It is important not only to sew stitches in green in a chaotic manner, but to give a rose bud a finished look. So the work will look much more real and attract the views of all the guests. Work is ready.
Flower heart

So at the slightest cost you can easily build a beautiful frame yourself.

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