Flight Safety with S7

Customer conflicts with companies occur quite often. I also happened to get into unpleasant situations. And for the most part from the point of view of the public, the company is not right. Even if they act according to the letter of the law.
But here recently at the Domodedovo airport there was a blatant case of a passenger’s attempt to violate not only the airline’s rules, but also the rules of transport safety in general.
I really want to, honestly, I will say, go over the religious aspect of the incident, but let's try to avoid it.
It is given: The passenger arrives at the airport and passes the baggage on the flight to Abakan. Some sort of bag flies his carry-on baggage. He is asked at the counter - is it a carry-on luggage? He says yes. Receives a boarding pass and goes to the airport control.
At the checkout, a liter bottle of water is found in his carry-on baggage. Accordingly, he is offered to be sent to the ballot box or checked in. In the urn, apparently, he was offered to throw her out by the SAB staff. A perfectly normal request for a bottle of water. But the passenger decides to pass it in the luggage.He returns to the check-in desk, where they explain to him that the check-in for the flight is closed, he cannot put a bottle of water in the baggage He begins to clash and demand special rules for his cargo. He explained that he is now late for the flight.
Total: the passenger was late for the flight. In the video there is no such thing, but according to the rules his luggage should have been unloaded from the plane. This means a delayed flight and inconvenience for other passengers. The nearest tickets are only a few days. In the bottle he had, as he said, holy water.
We look:
Transportation of fluid is prohibited? Forbidden There can be no exceptions. Passenger did not hand over a bottle of liquid in the baggage? Did not pass. In the clean zone it is not allowed to start. But he stubbornly persuades and even demands that the airline employee carry his bottle of water onto the plane, thus offering him to commit a misconduct. It seems to me that at this place the passenger could already be handed over to the police to find out the details of his desire to carry a bottle of liquid onto the plane.
I actually want to say a huge thank you to S7 employees for their steadfastness and total disregard for all attempts by a passenger to make a conflict because of ignorance of the rules. And religion has no relation to flight safety.In my opinion to hide behind this - disgusting.

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