Five sure ways to know your future

Five sure ways to know your future

The desire to know your future, the name of a spouse, the number of children is the most natural desire of a woman. Anticipate the events that will occur tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, after two, three days, at least a year later, many scientists, prophets, astrologers tried. Great prophecies often came true. They predicted natural disasters, the disappearance of civilizations. But the words of the prophets did not differ and do not differ concreteness.

Is there any reliable wayhow to know your futuremost true and accurate? Such methods include fortune telling on cards, on the coffee grounds, on the mirror. More effective methods have not yet been invented.

Five sure ways to know your future


Whichever of the methodshow to know your future, was not chosen, the main thing is to guess at night. One or another result of fortune telling, according to experts, can inspire a person and thereby encourage him to realize his future. Numerology is the science of numbers, which is based on the teachings of the Pythagoreans.Using nine digits, a specific code is generated. According to numerology, each letter in the alphabet has its own sequence number. Your fate can be recognized by name. For example, the name Anna is calculated as follows: 1 + 15 + 15 + 1 = 32 = 3 + 2 = 5. Now it’s just worth a look into the table of the meaning of numbers.

Meaning numbers

More accurate wayhow to know your future, use not only the name, but the surname and patronymic. In determining the fate of the table will help the value of numbers:

1 - the number that is combined with any type of soul and destiny;

2 - the number that brings peace and tranquility;

3 - makes a person famous;

4 - brings failure;

5 - brings harmony to the family;

6 - gives the imagination, creative thinking;

7 is the number of pioneers;

8 - brings loneliness and difficulties

9 - gives the power of will to fight.

If after a fortune-telling it turned out to be a bad result, then it can be changed, for example, take the name of the husband. The fate code can be calculated if you take the date, month and year of birth, for example, 05/24/1984: 24 + 5 = 29 + 1984 = 2013 = 6.

Divination by mirror and hairbrush

Divination by mirror and hairbrush is not only the wayhow to know your future, but also fortune telling. It is necessary to prepare the following inventory: a mirror with a leg and candles, the number of which should be even. We must wait until midnight and sit in front of the mirror.Exactly at 12 o'clock at the lit candles it is necessary to pronounce the phrase: In the depth of reflection should appear the shadow or face of the future husband. It can not be viewed for a long time. You should immediately extinguish the candles and turn away or cover the mirror. According to ancient belief, those who do not have time to close the mirror in time will be dragged off to another world. After all, a mirror, like the surface of water, opens the gates to the underworld. For a safer method is guessing by comb. A hairbrush is placed under the head and pronounced: “Bride-dressed, come comb.”

Guessing on the coffee grounds

For fortune telling on coffee you will need a porcelain bowl or cup, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of coarse coffee, 1 tbsp. spoon coffee finely ground. After coffee is brewed, it is poured into a cup. Need to withstand 3-5 minutes to infuse coffee. Guessing drink it. At the bottom there is a sediment. The cup rotates clockwise, then abruptly turns upside down and back. Information should be sought in the thick spots on the walls of the bowl. They speak about the future. The spots below, on the bottom and bottom of the walls, speak of the past. You need to look at the spots and compare the value with the resulting association.

Five sure ways to know your future

Stain value

one.Butterfly means flirt;

2. The key is a promising future;

3. Star - getting rid of the problem, from an unpleasant friend;

4. Wheel - trip, adventure;

5. Ring - meeting with the betrothed, engagement, wedding;

6. Arc - a dangerous enemy;

7. Lily - strong friendship and love;

8. Rose - wedding;

9. Home - peace of mind in your personal life;

10. Violet - a good marriage or marriage.

Bean Guessing

For the fortune telling on the beans you will need a canvas bag, 10 black, 10 variegated and 10 white beans. Beans need to be folded in a bag and make a question. At the same time, the question should sound in such a way that only “yes” or “no” can be answered. Then you need to pull a few things at random. If most of the beans are black, then the answer to the question is negative. If there are more white beans, then the answer is positive or you need to move in the chosen direction. If multicolored beans prevail, the result depends on the effort and desire to solve the problem.

Card reading

For divination, you need to take a deck of cards, only a new one. Variants of divination, there are countless. But beginners, it is desirable to use the most simple divination. You need to take a full deck and shuffle it.From the middle one card is drawn and a queen or king of the same suit is chosen. If fate is predicted by a woman, then a lady is chosen. If he guesses a man or a man, then the king is chosen accordingly. The lady is put on the table and is surrounded by 9 cards, which are removed from the top of the deck. It is on these cards that the future is predicted. Below are the values ​​of possible fallen cards.

Interpretation of cards


1. Ace - conceived will not be realized;

2. King - beware of deception;

3. Lady - an insult at work or at home;

4. Jack - unfounded jealousy;

5. Ten - work will help get rid of sadness;

6. Nine - soon get rid of longing;

7. Eight - good news;

8. Seven - change of life for the better;

9. Six - treason of a loved one.


1. Ace - strong love;

2. King - success in business;

3. Lady - covert surveillance, hostility;

4. Jack - welcome guest;

5. Ten - you need to think again;

6. Nine - the hot love of a husband or boyfriend;

7. Eight - a new friend who will decide the fate;

8. Seven - no need to play with fire;

9. Six - trouble.

Five sure ways to know your future


1. Ace - the wrong decision;

2. King - you must hurry;

3A lady is a reward for patience and work;

4. Jack - sadness, suffering through the fault of a loved one;

5. Ten - fatal friendship;

6. Nine - sad news;

7. Eight is a disease of a loved one;

8. Seven - praise;

9. Six - the expected will happen.


1. Ace - to believe in what was said;

2. King - good news;

3. Dame - quick fulfillment of desire;

4. Jack - vain efforts;

5. Ten - great happiness;

6. Nine - can not reveal the secret;

7. Eight - near danger;

8. Seven - payment for sins;

9. Six - guided by reason, not feelings.

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