Female genital injuries

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Female genital injuriesdevelop due to falls, especially on sharp and piercing objects, with sexual intercourse, when inserting into the vagina and uterus cavity of hard and sharp objects, tools (bougies, metal catheters, dilators, etc.).

Varieties of genital injuries

In the practice of obstetrics and gynecology, damage to the genital organs outside of the generic act is not often observed. They are classified as follows:

  • breaks during sexual intercourse;
  • damage caused by foreign bodies in the genital tract;
  • injury of the external genital organs and vagina of a domestic and industrial nature, caused by some sharp object;
  • bruises of genital organs, crushing;
  • stab, slit and gunshot wounds to the genitals; damage due to medical practice.

Symptoms of genital injuries

Trauma to the external genitalia is manifested by bleeding, the formation of a hematoma, often extensive, in the area of ​​large and small labia, in the vagina.If the clitoris is damaged, where there is an extensive vascular network, the bleeding can be very heavy.

Treatment of genital injuries

Regardless of the cause of the damage, a thorough examination is required in the hospital, which includes special methods (rectoscopy, cystoscopy, X-ray, ultrasonography and NMR, etc.) along with the initial examination.

Treatment of genital injuries, as a rule, surgical. It consists of careful treatment of the wound, stopping bleeding by ligation of the vessels or with the help of tamponade. Less often, suturing is applied to the rupture (if the condition of a fresh "uncontaminated" wound is observed). For injuries that penetrate the vaginal vaults, laparotomy is indicated. Simultaneously, anti-shock measures are performed, anti-tetanus serum is administered, and the inflammatory process is prevented and treated.

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