"Fast" embroidery ribbons. "Tuck in the bottle" to help craftswomen!

Embroidery satin ribbons refers to the "fast" needlework, that is, to achieve the final result will take from a couple of hours to several days, depending on the size of the work. Despite the popularity of this novice craftswomen do not have enough visual material, as the book description is not clear to everyone. In addition, experienced craftswomen share their secrets very rarely.

A little about the program "Tyutelki"

To help the craftswomen created a special program of Tatiana Ulanova “Ribbon embroidery: Tutka in the tail”, which can be viewed on YouTube or in Komsomolskaya Pravda. Samara craftswomen from 2013 may attend her offline workshops in the Needlewoman Club.

embroidery ribbons on the thread

In this program, you can see the work of novice masters, ask questions or share your observations. Tatiana teaches us to observe nature not only in terms of color diversity, but also the appearance of plants.With the help of satin ribbons, floss, beads and improvised material you can create real bouquets of flowers. The advantage of this program is that professional foreign and Russian craftswomen share their secrets. In Tatiana's lessons, embroidery with ribbons (“Tutka in the thread”) becomes clear and simple: which needles and fabric to use, under which flowers and leaves to use one or another stitch, how to make bulk embroidery. And there are no uniform rules for embroidery with ribbons, since the same flower can be made in different ways. Consider this on the example of a rose, which is loved by many craftswomen.

Ribbon embroidery: roses according to the lessons of Tatiana Ulanova

  • Draw on the fabric a circle of diameters of 8 cm and a center for a flower with 7 petals.
  • Cut the ribbon in the size of one elbow (about 50-60 cm), on one side sing the edge, on the other hand, thread the needle. In this case, the knots and loops do not need to do.
  • Embroider 7 petals with a reverse stalked seam. To do this, output the ribbon from the edge of the middle of the flower to the end of the outer circle. Adjust the satin ribbon so that the shiny side is on the face of the work. Now make a loop with your fingers and insert the needle from the wrong side through it and the fabric, forming a convex petal on the face.
  • Next, cut the satin ribbon 50 cm at 30 degrees, scorching fire. Then leave 3 cm, bend the tip and twist the middle of the rose tightly (in several navivov). Secure monophonic thread. Next, form a rosebud, fixing with a needle and thread, systematically bending the ribbon to make petals. Fix their position with stitches until the bud reaches the size of the middle of the intended circle. The last step cut off the end of the tape 3-4 cm, which is typed with a seam "forward with a needle", pull the thread and form a wide petal.

embroidery ribbons roses

  • In the middle of the awl, make a hole where you enter the sharp end of the rosebud. From the inside out fasten all the tape, not stitching the middle of the circle.
  • Next to the center of the bud, form a petal, bending the ribbon (50 cm long), hold it with your finger while dragging it to the inside. Note that between the needle inlet and the needle stitch, the size of the ribbon stitch is no more than one centimeter. Petals do as much as you see fit.
  • The very last step is to embroider the leaves and stems, making out roses.

A few rules from the author of the program "Ribbon embroidery: A little thing is a little thin"

Here are some secrets from Tatiana Ulanova:

  • for embroidery with ribbons, take a cloth - linen, jeans, calico, artificial velor;
  • the basis of embroidery can be monophonic or with unobtrusive pattern;
  • needles should be blunt-tipped so as not to deform the tape;
  • ribbons can be bought or painted by using fabric paints and a microwave;
  • needles should match the width of the bands;
  • in the work, use the hoop so that the fabric is in the tensioned position;
  • use all sorts of materials in embroidery: beads, beads, sequins, floss, knitted threads, etc.

embroidery satin ribbons

The most important thing that Tatiana focuses on (the author of the program “Embroidery ribbons: Tutka in the thread”) - every craftswoman should see the final result of her work. Then there will be no problems with the outline of the scheme and the pattern of products. At the same time, this type of needlework is not standard, as in the process of embroidery, the ribbons can lie in a different position compared to the presented sample.

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