Famous Ukrainian writers. Masterpieces of Ukrainian literature

Historically, the Ukrainian people have always been creative, loved to sing and dance, invent poems and songs, myths and legends. Therefore, for many centuries truly great and talented people have been working in all corners of Ukraine.

Ukrainian writers

Ukrainian literature is phenomenal and unusual in its essence. Each historical stage of the famous Ukrainian writers described metaphorically and topically. That's why quite real characters look at us through the lines from the yellowed sheets of paper. And we, delving into the story, begin to understand what disturbs the author, inspires, scares and encourages. According to the masterpieces of Ukrainian literature, it is quite possible to learn history — events are so truthfully and sometimes painfully described.

Who are all these geniuses of the pen, who penetrate the soul with a word, make us laugh and cry with them? What are their names and what they lived for? How did they come to success and did they find him at all? Or maybe they never found out that their creations brought them eternal glory and reverence,forever inscribing their name in the classics of Ukrainian literature?

Unfortunately, not all Ukrainian writers were able to enter the world literary arena. Many masterpieces have not been in the hands of Germans, Americans, British. Hundreds of wonderful books did not receive their well-deserved awards in literary contests in France or Germany. But they really should be read and comprehended.

And although hundreds of talented people wrote on the “nightingale move”, it is probably worth starting with a unique and phenomenal woman. This brilliant poetess, whose lines express a storm of emotions, and the verses remain deep in the heart. And her name is Lesya Ukrainka.

Larisa Petrovna Kosach-Kvitka

Lesya, being a weak and small woman, showed incredible strength of mind and courage, becoming an example to follow by millions of people. The poet was born in 1871 in the noble family of the famous writer O. Pchilka. At birth, the girl was given the name Larisa, and her real name was Kosach-Kvitka.Lesya UkrainianSince childhood, suffering from a terrible disease - bone tuberculosis, - Lesia Ukrainka was almost all the time bedridden. She lived in the South. The beneficial influence of the mother and the passion for books (especially the master of Ukrainian literature, Taras Shevchenko) have borne fruit.

From a young age, the girl began to create and print in various newspapers. Like many famous Ukrainian writers, in her works Larisa followed the moods and traditions of T. G. Shevchenko, creating several cycles of lyric-philosophical poems.

About the work of Lesia

Intrigued by magical mythology and world history, Lesia devoted many books to this topic. Most of all she liked the novels about ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, about humanism and human qualities, about the fight against despotism and evil, as well as mystical stories about the undead and the nature of Western Ukraine.

famous Ukrainian writers

It should be noted that Lesja Ukrainka was a polyglot and knew more than ten languages. This gave her the opportunity to make high-quality literary translations of works by Hugo, Shakespeare, Byron, Homer, Heine and Mickiewicz.

The best-known works that are recommended for everyone to read are Forest Song, Obsessed, Cassandra, The Stone Lord, and Songs of Will.

Marco Vovchok

Among the famous writers of Ukraine was another extraordinary woman. Many called her Ukrainian George Sand - the way her patron Panteleimon Kulish dreamed.It was he who became her first assistant and editor, giving her the first impetus to the development of potential.

Marco Vovchok

Woman with a fiery heart

Marco Vovchok was a fatal woman. As a child, her mother sent her to a private boarding house, away from the evil influence of her father, and then to Oryol — to a rich aunt. There began the endless love cycles. Marco Vovchok - Maria Vilinskaya - was a very beautiful girl, so it is not surprising that crowds of gentlemen were spinning all her life.

Among these gentlemen were well-known writers whose names are well known to us. Even despite the fact that she tied the knot of marriage (as she later confessed, not out of love) with Opanas Markovic, her husband could not do anything with the attractive energy of this young lady. Turgenev, Kostomarov and Taras Shevchenko fell at her feet. And everyone wanted to be her teacher and patron.

Ukrainian writers


The most famous work of Marco Vovchok is the story "Marusya" about a girl who gave her life to help the Cossacks. The work was so impressed by readers and critics that Maria was awarded the honorary award of the French Academy.

Men in Ukrainian literature

The work of Ukrainian writers was also under the auspices of talented men. One of them was Pavel Gubenko. Readers know him under the pseudonym Ostap Vishnya. His satirical works more than once made readers laugh. Unfortunately, this man, who smiles at us from newspaper sheets and literature textbooks, had little reason to be happy in his life.Ukrainian writers

Pavel Gubenko

Being a political prisoner, Pavel Gubenko honestly served 10 years in a forced labor camp. He did not abandon creativity, and when the stern authorities ordered him to write a series of stories from the life of prisoners, even there he could not refrain from irony!

The life of the writer

But life put everything in its place. The one who previously accused Ostap Vishnya himself was on the dock and became an “enemy of the people”. A Ukrainian author, ten years later, returned home and continued to do what he loved.

But these long years in correctional camps left a terrible imprint on Pavel Gubenko’s condition. Even after the war, returning to an already free Kiev, he still could not forget the terrible episodes. Most likely, the endless inner experiences of a man who always smiled and never cried, led to the fact that he died tragically from a heart attack at 66 years of age.

Ivan Drach

Completes a small excursion into the work of Ukrainian writers Ivan Drach. Many contemporary authors still seek the advice of this master of (self) irony, a sharp word and humor.

Ivan Fedorovich Drach

Life story of a genius

Ivan Fedorovich Drach began his creative career, being a seventh-grader, from a poem eagerly published in a local newspaper. As soon as the writer graduated from high school, he began teaching Russian language and literature in a rural school. After the army, Ivan enters the philological department of the Kiev University, which has never graduated. And all because of the fact that a talented student will be offered a job in the newspaper, and then, after the courses, the writer will receive the specialty of a screenwriter in Moscow. Returning to Kiev, Ivan Fyodorovich Drach begins working at the famous film studio named after A. Dovzhenko.

Ukrainian writers

For more than 30 years of creative work from the pen of Ivan Drach, a huge number of collections of poems, translations, articles, and even film stories have appeared. His works have been translated and published in dozens of countries and evaluated worldwide.

The eventful life hardened the character of the writer, fostered in him an active citizenship and a peculiar temperament.In the works of Ivan Fedorovich express the moods of the sixties and the children of war, eager for change and praising the achievements of human thought.

What is better to read?

Acquaintance with the works of Ivan Drach is better to start with the poem “Feather”. It is this that is the life credo and conveys the leitmotifs that permeate all the creative work of the brilliant poet and writer.

These famous Ukrainian writers have made an invaluable contribution to the domestic and world literature. After dozens of years, their works convey to us actual thoughts, teach and help in various life situations. Creativity of Ukrainian writers has great literary and moral value, is perfect for teenagers and adults, and will bring pleasure from reading.

Each of the Ukrainian authors is unique in its own way, and an unusual individual style from the first lines will help to recognize your favorite writer. Such a literary “flower garden” makes Ukrainian literature truly extraordinary, rich and interesting.

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