Eye drops for allergies: reviews. What eye drops are better for allergies?

The human body is so unpredictable that even, it would seem, allergies can react to the most mundane things. Sometimes this response manifests as a rash, itching, edema, cough, and also increased tearing. Each of these manifestations delivers a lot of discomfort, but we’ll stop on the last symptom and see which eye drops for allergies can cope with the problem.Eye drops for allergies

How to choose drops from allergies?

Before you go to the pharmacy and buy drugs that are being actively advertised today, it should be understood that many of them are able to relieve only external symptoms and not cope with the underlying disease. This also applies to eye drops for allergies, eliminating redness, burning, itching and tearing. In addition, many of them have a fairly wide list of contraindications and side effects, so they can harm the health of the patient.

Today, the list of drugs presented in pharmacy kiosks is quite wide: the medicine Zodak, Lekrolin, Allergodil, Cromohexal, and many others that are very famous thanks to the advertising of medicines. But relying solely on popularity in matters relating to health is impossible. Therefore, before you buy eye drops for allergies, you should consult with an optometrist.

Do I need a doctor's advice?

If someone has doubts that the choice of medication for allergies requires expert advice, it is worth saying that all eye drops used in this pathology are divided into four main varieties: antihistamine, hormonal, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor. And each of these groups except for a large number of positive pharmacological actions has a lot of contraindications.What eye drops are better for allergies?

In addition, if you need eye drops for children from allergies, it is simply impossible to do without consulting an eye specialist. After all, the body crumbs should be protected not only from disease, but also from the harmful effects of medicines. And only a doctor will be able to choose a remedy for the baby that is not only effective, but also safe for him.The same applies to the treatment of future moms who want to get rid of the unpleasant manifestations of allergies.

Hormonal drugs

Today, the best eye drops for allergies are hormone medications. And the most famous representative of this group is the drug "Dexamethasone". It quickly removes all the external symptoms of an allergic reaction, and also has anti-exudative, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.The best eye drops for allergies

Apply drugs of this group only during the acute phase of the disease. After all, all these drugs can adversely affect not only the eyes, but also the internal organs of a person. Therefore, as soon as the patient enters the stage of recovery, the remedy is replaced with a more benign medicine.

It is also worth noting that hormonal drops for eyes from allergies are used only for adults and children from 6 years. But during pregnancy, they are prescribed only in severe cases, when the benefits for the mom outweigh the perceived risk for the crumbs.

Anti-inflammatory eye drops

At the first symptoms of an allergic reaction, doctors prescribe nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.However, they are usually used in combination with antihistamine tablets tablets. If such therapy does not give the expected result, only then a specialist replaces anti-inflammatory eye drops with allergies with hormonal means.Eye drops from allergies during pregnancy

After the acute phase of the ailment has passed, experts recommend again switching to nonsteroidal drugs with anti-inflammatory effect. One of these medicines are drops of "Akular drug."

Vasoconstrictor drugs

The third group of eye drops, which is used for allergies, are vasoconstrictor agents. They quickly remove the manifestations of an allergic reaction, but do not stop its development. This group includes such means as "Naphthyzin", "Vizin", "Okumetil", etc.Eye drops for allergies reviews

Most of these drugs are not used for the treatment of children, because they are addictive, which can aggravate the patient’s problem condition. Also, do not use these medications and pregnant women, as the vasoconstrictor effect may affect the state of the placenta.

Most patients respond positively to drugs in this group. But there are violent opponents of the use of vasoconstrictor drops for the eyes.In most cases, patients who did not listen to the recommendations of the doctor and independently used the medications, disrupting the acceptable dosage, negatively respond to the drugs.

Antihistamine Eye Drops

Despite the fact that the list of eye drops is quite wide, antihistamines are prescribed most often for allergies. In action, they are similar to systemic anti-allergic drugs, but have far fewer side effects. That is why such drops are recommended for eyes from allergies during pregnancy and lactation. They are also assigned to children from a very young age.

This group of drugs is most often used to treat allergic reactions, so it is advisable to consider the most well-known drugs in more detail.

Means "Kromoheksal"

This antihistamine drug is widely used in ophthalmology today due to the fact that the main active ingredient effectively blocks the transport of calcium ions and the release of active biological substances from mast cells. In addition, cromoglicic acid is a major participant in the process of stabilizing the membranes of mast cells.

It is also worth noting that the drug reduces redness and swelling of the conjunctiva, which are caused by contact allergens of different origin.

Medicine "Lekrolin"

Eye drops from allergy "Lekrolin" prevent the release of bradykinin, histamine and other substances - provocateurs of allergic reactions. Due to this pharmacological action, the agent is often prescribed for prophylactic purposes during the flowering period of the plants. In other words, the drug is used to prevent seasonal conjunctivitis.Eye drops for allergy lekrolin

What do the sick think about the medicine?

It is worth noting that the tool "Lekrolin" has earned positive consumer feedback due not only to its pharmacological properties, but also ease of use. After all, the drops are produced in small tubes, droppers, the amount of the drug in which is sufficient only for a single use.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that this medicine has a very small number of contraindications and side effects, therefore it can be used for the treatment of children and pregnant women.

Eye drops "Opatanol"

Like all the above remedies, the drug "Opatanol" is used for allergic conjunctivitis. The main active ingredient of the drug is the substance olopatodin, which inhibits the secretion of inflammatory mediators from mast cells.

Recommended medication for the treatment of adult patients and crumbs from three years. Moreover, regardless of age, the dosing system remains unchanged.

Which drops are better?

Only a doctor can correctly determine which eye drops are better for allergies in each case. The specialist makes his choice on the basis of not only the severity of symptoms and laboratory results, but also the individual characteristics of each patient. Therefore, it is impossible to give a generalized answer to the question of which medication is the best and most effective.

Reviews of patients about drugs

Consumers call eye drops an effective remedy for allergies. They perfectly relieve swelling, redness of the eyes and itching of the eyelids. Indeed, for people with allergies, without such a means can not do. Reviews note that almost immediately after instillation of the eyes, the eyelids stop itching.The most popular drugs "Lekrolin", "Kromoheksal", "Dexamethasone". They are inexpensive and effective. They are advised to apply as needed.

However, almost all eye drops for allergies have many side effects, so it’s quite difficult to foresee how your body will react to the drug. This is especially true when patients are self-medicating and taking medicine without a doctor's prescription.Eye drops from allergies for children

Thus, faced with an allergic reaction, you should not completely rely on reviews of acquaintances, friends or neighbors. After all, some may praise the hormonal or antihistamine drugs that have helped them, and the second - to be ardent opponents of their use. Therefore, acquiring eye drops for allergies, reviews of patients should be in the background, and should be guided only by the recommendations of the attending physician.

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