Europe finally came to Ukraine!

What happened that travelers in Ukraine have been waiting for so long! Cheap mobile Internet in roaming in a European way broke into the smartphone of every Ukrainian traveler. Every reasonable traveler of course.
The most important value of a modern traveler is to always be online! After all, now in Europe 5GB of mobile 3G / 4G internet costs only 10 euros! This proposal cannot be compared with any roaming packages of other operators. Kyivstar with its miserable "100Mb for 35 hryvnia per day" smokes on the sidelines! Any travel sims and WiFi routers lose, even on-site it will always be more expensive to buy a local operator card!
I constantly watch the news of the telecom market in Ukraine and I was very much waiting for the arrival of Vodafone, but I didn’t even expect that roaming rates would be so low. And now, going to Europe, I buy a starter pack, what I want to tell about today. And I advise all travelers to take note!
I can’t imagine now traveling without the Internet, absolutely everything - map, navigation, cafes and restaurants,tracking of flights and trains, schedules, hotels - everything is concentrated in one smartphone ( "" ... there is a separate "thank you" to producers of power-banks :). And I'm not talking about social networks, we are talking exclusively about travel essentials, which can not be downloaded in advance and to use offline.
Where can one buy?
Somewhere you can buy anything, even in the supermarket, but I decided to go to the store :) And not just in the next, and most important on Khreshchatyk in Kiev, is in this something warm and lamp.
But once, 16 years ago I first came to UMC shop in the mall for its first phone Alcatel 301 with a contract for 1 UAH ... Of course, the brand UMC not be compared with MTC or with Vodafone, but the time comes for nostalgia has no time.
Vodafone shop in the mall are now all so fashionable and youth, bright, such as shops and Vodafone in Europe, by the way will need to compare yourself and tell us about it. Sales consultants work with no windows on the client level, the information is presented simply and affordably.

What you need to start?
1.Buy pripeyd-starter package for 50gr (2 euros). This package already includes the minimum rate S per month in Ukraine
2.You need to add funds to the amount which corresponds to the minimum necessary to activate a higher tariff package in the M or L Ukraine, if needed. Those. I paid the difference 60g and connected the package L in Ukraine
3.Activate roaming.I made 270g and activated the "roaming at home" service for a month with the team * 600 #.
It's all!
Simple and fast!

Check service packages in the tariff: in Ukraine - * 101 * 4 #, while roaming in Europe - * 600 * 1 #
But what about calls ?!
In Vodafone countries you have all incoming calls roaming free of charge!
All calls to Vodafone and MTC-Ukraine subscribers in roaming are free!
Well included in the package "L" 90 minutes can be used on any operators in Ukraine and Europe.
After the end of the packages for the month, the standard terms of the tariff will apply:
- calls within Europe (the countries of the Roaming Like Home Service) - 0.50 UAH / min;
- Mobile Internet - 10 UAH / 500 MB;
- SMS & MMS to all destinations - 0.50 UAH / pcs;
- calls to numbers of other Ukrainian operators - 10 UAH / min;
- calls to other directions - 50 UAH / min.

Where will the "Roaming at home" service work?
In Vodafone countries in Europe: Poland, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Great Britain, Greece, the Netherlands, Malta, Ireland, Albania, Romania, Turkey.

For contract subscribers, there is an XL tariff, where for 490gr (16 euros) 7Gb of internet in roaming are included:

See all the rules and nuances here:
I plan to test how it all works in practice in February and March in Poland, Germany and Turkey.As a speed, is it possible to distribute Internet from specific operators (sometimes this service is blocked), what and how traffic is spent. In general, the next couple of months, I will write about the Internet and its use in travel.
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