Eric Davidich closed for a long time

I will try to tell today why the autoblogger Kituashvili Eric Davidovich will be put in prison and most likely they will be put in prison for a long time.
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Three days ago, on the smotraTV channel, a new series, “The Hunt for Davidovich,” in which lawyer Sergei Zhorin told why he was silent for so long. The preliminary investigation is over and now is the time to tell the details:
Sergey Zhorin claims that he collected more than 200 proofs of the innocence of Eric and his common-law spouse Anna. In the video, he focuses on 8 main evidence, which, in his opinion, is more than enough to immediately stop the criminal prosecution and release Eric and Anna.
I confess that I do not consider Eric to be holy, but in this matter is on his side. This will not prevent me from objectively looking at the very 8 proofs that his lawyer Sergey Zhorin is talking about. I must also make an amendment to the fact that I myself did not familiarize myself with the materials of the case and do not even know what exactly charges were brought to Eric Davidovich.
one.Electronic and magnetic media with information about corruption in law enforcement agencies, which were seized from Eric after the arrest, disappeared.
This is not an argument at all. Even assuming the malicious intent of the investigation, it would be much easier to surrender to the imprisoned Eric, removing all information from the media. Proving that any information was very difficult at all, as well as proving that the carriers were intact before the withdrawal.
2. There is no physical evidence of interaction with a criminal group by means of communication, telephone calls and SMS.
We all remember very well that in those years it was easy to buy a SIM card without registering, and considering how much time had passed, it’s not a fact that this information was preserved somewhere.
3. There is no motive. The investigation did not establish that Eric received a material benefit.
It is also very conditional, perhaps, he was not caught by the hand, but Eric himself often in his own streams told how he lived in a big way, bought cars for 6 million rubles and rode through expensive resorts. Here I think it would be good to attach a tax return for the relevant year to the case file. I hope Zhorin has already done it.
4. The statute of limitations expired in 2014
In my opinion, this is the most lethal argument. Of course, there are some nuances there that allow manipulating terms, but these are legal subtleties. Well, it is not clear, this is the only accusation or in fact there are more articles with later terms.
5. Two members of the group said they were forced to testify against Eric because they were pressured.
It is also an argument, but where are the guarantees that the same members of the group are still not under pressure from the criminal community. Indeed, in such communities it is not customary to knock.
6. The main person involved in which the prosecution is based did not live to see the court.
I would not consider the death of one of the defendants to be proof of Eric's innocence, since he is one of those to whom this death is also “beneficial”.
7. Eric committed the act against the company MSC, before the company received a license to carry out insurance activities.
Earlier we heard that Erik received 1.35 million rubles of insurance from Ingosstrakh. And now we are talking about the company MSC. And here, it seems to me, Jorin made another blunder, since he did not take into account that companies often merge and become absorbed and the core of the company already existed since 1999, just before the company had a different name and a different license.
eight.Eric and Anna were absent on the territory of the Russian Federation at the time of the crime
Sometimes the organizer does not have to be at the scene of the crime, and the gang can be organized both internally and in absentia, and the whole process can be monitored and coordinated from anywhere in the world.
And how do you arguments Zhorin, consider them convincing?
Those of you who are following this case know that Eric promised, if he was not released, to lay out the following investigation regarding high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Judging by the first proof of the innocence of Eric, voiced by Sergei Zhorin of this film, we will not see. Most likely the materials were seized and have already been destroyed. I also admit that it was a bluff, in order to get free.
But it embarrassed me completely differently, how seriously they took up Eric, he clearly crossed the road to big people. Most of all I was surprised by the large-scale information war against Eric in the media, I remember how they openly lied to the box showing footage from Eric's commercials.
In my opinion, Eric stirred up a serious nest in law enforcement agencies and at the same time he repeatedly stressed his commitment to the current government and personally to Putin.It probably killed him. As I understand it, Erik had access to the head of state, but he did not manage to break through this channel. Late.
Since I am familiar with the MVD system, I can tell you a very interesting thing. What do you think, if the crime disappears in the city it will be good?
I am sure that it is very good for the residents of the city, but for the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and many generals it is bad.
Yes, it is beneficial for the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to solve crimes, but only when they exist, as soon as crime goes into decline, and the head of state receives a report on the work of law enforcement agencies, he dismisses unnecessary generals.
Surely, you will remember that quite often Putin personally dismisses the major leaders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and their posts are often reduced altogether. This happens when crime is reduced.
Why feed the generals, if in the city or in the country crime is declining?
Eric somehow presented the project, namely the application, which was supposed to save the streets of the city from auto thefts. And even managed to successfully test it. The bottom line is that the owner of the car or the insurance company declared a reward for finding a particular car, and those who claimed reward sought it. Those.everyone who connected to the smartphone had the application installed to search for a car.
The Interior Ministry was frightened and the company began against Eric, the department then said that this application will provoke to commit auto-theft for the purpose of receiving remuneration. However, it seems to me that they were scared at all on another occasion.
Or do you know more reasons why Davidich started a real hunt?
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