Emergency flew for treatment in Korea

Two years ago, I was examined in a paid Russian clinic and learned about health problems, then the doctors took me 5 years of active life if I did not start treatment and change my lifestyle.
The year was treated, followed all the instructions and kept the diet. But I didn’t go for the re-check and you know why?
There are several reasons, and the most important one - I am terribly depressed by being in our medical institutions. The examination itself took me more than a month, at first I went to take tests and consulted, and these were also flour - every day, early in the morning, then on an empty stomach, you shouldn’t wash and you should wear a monitor with a holter. And in the end - 2 weeks of examinations in the hospital. And this is not free.
This is how you plow it up from morning till night, save money, you implement projects, you buy real estate, you build a dacha, you make repairs, and then you just don't have it. And why all this was, because you could do your favorite thing, to rest more and spend time with your family and, in the end, just watch out for health.
And then there is news, then one artist has died, then another, recently a series of deaths is straight. Now, if it were possible to know earlier, then the tragedy could have been avoided, at the early stage a lot is being treated now, but it is worth running and everything, at best, the doctors will delay care a little.
But earlier this means that you need to be checked not when everything hurts, but when you feel completely healthy. But, unfortunately, even paid treatment in our clinics is some kind of hell. But you have to endure, because there is nothing more valuable than health.
And then I thought and decided to look for an alternative, because it is not necessary to be examined and treated in Russia. Yes, abroad it is almost always more expensive, but the usual examination or treatment can be turned into a fascinating journey that you will remember with ascent and which you will really enjoy.
I was able to contact the presidential clinic Severans in South Korea, which works without agents and intermediaries and can provide a full range of services in Russian. And not only examination or treatment, Russian-speaking support during the entire trip.
And now I'm on my way to the airport, not just flying for an examination, I am going on a premium tour, which began in the business class cabin of a Boeing 777 aircraft.
Upon arrival, I was greeted as a VIP guest and taken straight to the hotel Lotte Hotel Seoul 5 *, which will be my home for the near future, the clinic is very close and I will go there tomorrow.
So begins my survey, which I will make a detailed report about, and if you want to follow everything that happens to me, then subscribe to my Telegram channel, there will be an online photo broadcast.
And I will surely make a full report and tell you what medical tourism is.
Well, add here, so as not to miss a detailed review:
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