Elite schungite how to use? Properties of elite shungite

Elite schungite - a unique rock of rock,which is characterized by special healing abilities. In nature, it is found only in the mountains of Karelia. Russian healers say that the above stone can normalize the energy balance of the body and save it from numerous diseases. And they say that the elite shungite is a real miracle of nature, since it has a unique ability to disinfect water.

Brief information about the elite shungite

elite schungiteA stone that is close to its propertiesanthracite and graphite, and has medicinal abilities - shungite. This natural substance is found in three colors: black, brown and dark gray.

Its characteristics as an elite this mountainstone was received because of the high content of fullerenes and carbons in its composition. Due to the above substances shungite has the unique ability to disinfect the water and absorb all sorts of contamination.

An interesting fact from the story: Peter 1 ordered his soldier to carry a small piece of this rock with him, in order to clean up water and strengthen his health if necessary.

The only deposit of this mountain rock is Karelia.

Distinctive features of schungite:

  • its external appearance resembles black glass;
  • a light weight;
  • bright glass shine;
  • Do not get your hands dirty.

Useful composition of elite shungite

elite shungite reviewsThis rock consists of the following substances:

  • microelements: boron, sulfur, vanadium, cobalt, barium, copper, arsenic, molybdenum, nickel, strontium, lead, zinc, carbon;
  • such components as oxides of magnesium, silicon, calcium, aluminum, iron, titanium, sodium, phosphorus, manganese;
  • water.

Such a rich in mineral substances composition of elite shungite helps enrich the body with many useful trace elements.

What is the value of the above stone

Elite schungite differs from other rocks rocks with medicinal properties high content (about 98%) of substances such as fullerenes. This is its main value.

First, in 1985, scientists discovered fullerenes in graphite. A little later, the above mentioned substances were established by specialists in schungite.

These structures give this elite stone antioxidant and radioprotective properties. Thanks to these characteristics shungite has a special healing effect.

To obtain fullerenes by artificial means,you need to make significant money costs. Specialists have calculated that one gram of such a substance can cost about $ 900. Therefore, a cheaper way is to extract natural sources of these structures.

Therapeutic properties of the above rock

properties of elite schungiteStone elite schungite produces a therapeutic effect in a complex on the human body. This rock has such healing abilities as:

  • is an anti-inflammatory agent;
  • destroys germs and bacteria;
  • disinfects, that is, performs the role of antiseptic;
  • acts as an antiallergic agent;
  • produces an immunostimulating effect.

In addition, it is worth noting that the elite shungiteoften used on an industrial scale. For example, in some water treatment plants, water is purified from chlorine with the help of this stone. There is also information that elite schungite destroys microbes in water and disinfects it.

Indications for use of elite shungite

elite schungite how to useThis mountain stone specialists recommend to apply for such diseases as:

  • Diseases of the skin (pimples, psoriasis);
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • dyspepsia (painful and with digestive problems);
  • cholelithiasis;
  • gastritis;
  • kidney disease;
  • problems with the heart and its system;
  • liver disease;
  • anemia;
  • problems with the spine and joints;
  • damage to the skin as a result of injuries.

In addition, this rock perfectly removes the symptoms of the syndrome of chronic fatigue, that is, it acts in a complex manner on the human body.

Elite schungite from acne and other skin diseases

elite schungite from acne reviewsThe above stone perfectly helps to copewith many diseases and damage to the skin. For example, use an elite schungite from psoriasis, acne, acne, warts, herpes, fungal skin lesions, bruises.

Also with the help of this miracle stone, wrinkles, corns, scars, scars and stretch marks are remarkably eliminated.

Elite schungite from acne and other skin diseasesis applied as follows: it is insisted in a jar of warm water at least half a day. By this healing liquid, experts advise washing or rubbing it with problem areas of the skin.

It is worth remembering, the infusion of water on the shungiteis used internally or in a number of diseases is applied externally. In addition, it is recommended each time to remove the shungite from the can in order to "recharge" it with energy. To do this, the stone must be dried in the sun or treated with vinegar.

How to use this rock

elite schungite from acneDepending on the disease, a separatemethod of treatment with the above stone. Bath with a given rock or specially infused water are two ways of using, in which the elite shungite reveals its healing potential. How to use this stone correctly, the instruction will prompt.

Bath with shungite:

  1. Heat the water.
  2. Put her in the bath.
  3. Put the shungite in a small bag.
  4. Dip it in warm water for a quarter of an hour.
  5. Then select the stones and lie down in the bath.
  6. Take such water procedures preferably at least three times a week for 10 - 15 minutes.

This method of treatment Russian healers recommended for the treatment of skin, spine, joints and heart diseases.

Water infiltration on the shungite for external use:

  1. In a liter jar, type a warm water.
  2. Throw in a few pebbles.
  3. Insist this liquid for at least an hour.
  4. Then select shungite from the water.
  5. Use this infusion to treat the skin.

Above mentioned infusion Russian healers advised to apply externally for the therapy of skin lesions or its diseases.

Infiltration of water on the shungite for ingestion:

  1. Fill five-liter glass container with warm water.
  2. Place 300 grams of shungite in a bag.
  3. Dip it into water and leave it for 72 hours.

Russian healers say that someA special dosage for the use of this infusion does not exist. After all, in their opinion, an overdose of schungite is almost impossible. Inside use the above infusion alternative medicine recommends for diseases of the digestive system, kidneys and liver.

Particularly effective for the recovery of the body is the use of two or even the three of the above methods. Russian healers say that it is necessary to feed the body both from the inside and outside.

It should be noted that the above rock rock has no wear. Therefore, you can safely use it all your life.

Elite schungite: reviews of patients

stone elite schungiteIn most cases, people write that they takebaths with schungite. They claim that after several such procedures the skin becomes soft, elastic, the stretch marks disappear. These people insist that this stone has a rejuvenating property. In addition, it well relieves fatigue and helps restore the tone to the body.

The second group of responses are the opinions of people,that they used elite schungite from acne. Their testimonials all indicate an incredibly positive result. One of the patients writes that, in his opinion, the shungite infusion helps against all kinds of skin diseases. He made conclusions from the experience of his personal and his friends.

Many women claim that they use shungite water for washing. After this procedure, the facial skin improved markedly and cleared.

There is a category of patients who consumeinfusions, for the preparation of which use an elite shungite. Their comments indicate that this fluid has an incredible miracle effect. With the use of shungite water, they felt some lightness in the body and seemed to become 10 years younger. But these people warn that this liquid has a slightly specific taste of iron. But over time, in their opinion, you do not even feel it.

Reviews of experts about elite shungite

Alternative medicine claims that one of theThe best antibacterial agents are the infused water on the shungite. Representatives of official medicine are a bit skeptical about this. Yes, they agree that the properties of elite shungite in some cases can relieve skin problems or send symptoms of other diseases. But it is unlikely that in the whole world there will be at least one surgeon who, prior to surgery, treated the patient's skin with water, which is infused into the shungite. All the same doctors in such situations tend to use special antiseptics.

Official medicine insists that, beforestart treatment of any disease with the help of the above stone, it is important to get a consultation from an experienced specialist. Self-medication in most cases does not lead to the desired result.

Elite schungite, according to Russian healers,a real treasury of useful properties. The reserves of this unique stone are exhausted quite quickly. Therefore, you need to hurry in time to get such a miracle helper from many diseases.

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