Elimination of IP: cost of services

Own business is not only related to the achievement ofprofit, but also with the inevitable risks. Often, entrepreneurial activity at some time begins to bring problems more than the desired benefits. Probably, this is due to the general state of the economy, especially during the financial crisis, or the individual entrepreneur (PI) overestimated his own strengths and capabilities too. Whatever it was, it's time to part with business.liquidationThis does not mean that the IP can throw everything asthere is. Any commercial person lives his commercial life according to the following algorithm: registration of an organization - conducting business - closing a company or a firm. The company needs to not only close, but liquidate.

Causes of liquidation

The process of liquidation of IP is based on the Federal Law "On State Registration of Legal Entities and IP". The specified legislative act determines the reasons for the liquidation of IP:

  • at will;
  • the term of the document confirming the alien's right to live in the Russian Federation expired;
  • death of the business entity;

liquidation of the cost of services

  • by judicial decision;
  • because of bankruptcy.

Submission of a package of documents to the tax authority

The businessman can send a package of papers to the fiscal service in the following ways:

• Personally with a passport.

• Through an authorized person,providing, in turn, the passport of the IP. This option provides for the entrepreneur to turn to a specialized firm for assistance, her employee (the trustee) assumes responsibility for collecting the package of documents required for the process called "liquidation of the IP". The cost of the service depends on the price policy of the company itself.

• Through a single portal state. and municipal services.

Applying in person

If a private entrepreneur wishesindependently to interrupt an individual activity, then to begin with, he must pay all taxes and provide all the necessary reports for the last reporting period.liquidation of the value of Moscow It should be noted that entrepreneurs who used cash registers must remove the latter from the register with the tax authority.

Before liquidation, the founder must repay allwage arrears and insurance premiums. And only then in the pension fund he will have the opportunity to receive a certificate of absence of any debts. Without it, YGRIP employees do not have the right to provide information on liquidation.

The next step is the cancellation of the bank accountstructures. Here, the IP must fill out an appropriate application. After the accounts are closed, the pension fund, the tax inspectorate, and, in the case of using the IP, employees for hire, and the social insurance fund (FSS), are necessarily notified within a week's time.

In addition, the IP must be formalizedstatement on f. P26001. In case of submitting such an application to the tax through an authorized person, a personal signature must be notarized. A notary does not need to certify a signature when a package of documents is submitted through a multifunctional center or a single state portal. and municipal services.liquidation cost yekaterinburg

Further, the founder must pay a state fee, or rather deposit a certain amount on the state account before the liquidation of the IP began. The amount of such duty is 160 rubles.

And the last is the filing of documents with the tax service directly at the place of residence. The IP must be attached to the application:

• document on payment of the state contribution;

• certificate from the Pension Fund (no debt).

Liquidation of an IP through an authorized person

Submission of application to the tax through the authorizeda person is an entrepreneur's address to a special company that provides this kind of services to a firm to assist in the preparation of a package of documents for the process, the purpose of which is to liquidate the IP. The cost of services in such a company consists of the following costs:

1. Professional advice on liquidation issues of interest.

2. Preparation of the necessary package of documents.

3. Submission of necessary documents MIFNS No. 46, accompanied by a company employee.

4. Payment of state duty.

5. Obtaining a certificate of completion of the IP and an extract from the EGRIP.

The result of visiting the tax

Tax Service (NS) in exchange for a package of documentsprovides the founder with a receipt on receipt of the package of documents and a note on the time of their acceptance. In the case of an electronic filing of a package of documents, the above receipt is sent to the entrepreneur's e-mail.

The NA shall register the termination of the entrepreneurialactivities for five days from the date of application. And only after the entry in the EGRIP is made, the entrepreneur receives a certificate of termination of his activities.

Elimination of IP: Cost in Moscow

To terminate its activities, the IP mustto withdraw information about its functioning from the EGRIP. For this purpose it is necessary to apply to the Moscow Interdistrict Inspectorate No. 46 for Moscow and fill out the application, providing a certificate from the PF of the state. The entrepreneur must make a specific entry in the EGRIP, which fixes the liquidation of the IP. The cost (Moscow and Moscow region) of such services through an authorized person provides for:

• Consultation on issues of interest.liquidation value

• Gathering of a package of papers (separately expenses for urgency).

• Accompanying the firm's employee when handing over papers to MIFNS No. 46.

• Obtaining a certificate of liquidation.

In the usual manner, the liquidation process in MIFNS No. 46 lasts for seven slaves. days. There are additional costs:

• Duty (state) - 160 rubles.

• Liquidation on a turn-key basis - about 3000 rub. (depends on the selected company).

Liquidation of FE (cost): Vologda, Yekaterinburg and other regions

Elimination of IP in other regions of the Russian Federationprovides for the same actions as described in the previous sections of this article. And the goal of the entrepreneur who decided to complete the entrepreneurial activity is to make an appropriate entry in the EGRIP, which fixes the liquidation of the IP. Cost (Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region) of similar services offered by special firms includes financial expenses for:

• company lawyer support;

• preparation of the relevant package of securities;

• assistance with payment of state duty (details of MIFNS No. 46);

• Assistance in obtaining the final documents after the liquidation of the IP in the MIFNS No. 46 (by proxy).

In addition to the amount of the said value (if agreed with the applicant), the legal company is provided with:

• assistance in obtaining information from the PF;

• assistance in removing the cash register from the Tax Inspectorate;

• assistance in closing a current account with banks;

• Assistance when withdrawing from the account in the Pension Fund and the FSS.

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