The drug "Yarin plus": reviews of doctors, instructions for use

In sexual relations one of the leading places is the correct selection of contraceptives. The most popular pills are for internal use. Proper admission can not only protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also improve health. Many specialists recommend Yarin Plus to their patients. Reviews show that the tablets reliably protect against unwanted conception. However, they have many contraindications. To use the drug is strictly prescribed by a doctor.

Drug release form and its composition

Tablets belong to the group of multi-phase oral contraceptives with antiandrogenic effects. Ethinyl estradiol acts as the main active ingredient. Additionally, components such as calcium levomefolat, drospirenone, microcrystalline cellulose, lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, as well as croscarmellose sodium are used.The tablets are film coated, which includes components such as hypromellose, iron dye red oxide, macrogol, titanium dioxide.

yarina plus reviewsLow-dose oral contraceptive is very popular among specialists. Tablets reliably protect against unwanted pregnancy. This happens due to the suppression of ovulation. In addition, the use of tablets leads to an increase in the elasticity of the cervical mucus, which prevents the passage of spermatozoa.

“Yarina Plus” is very popular among patients. Reviews of doctors show that pills have antiandrogenic effects. Due to this property, women can also effectively treat acne, excessive sweating.


The first pill act as a contraceptive. They are prescribed to women who wish to protect themselves from an unwanted pregnancy. If conception has already occurred, the drug will not be able to give a result. It will not be an effective tool if it is not properly taken. Tablets are used regularly according to the schedule. It is worth exploring the full information about the drug "Yarin Plus."Instructions for use, reviews of doctors and patients - all this will help determine the choice of contraceptive.

Yarin plus instructions for use reviews of doctorsIt is worth remembering that the drug has antiandrogenic properties. Therefore, pills can be prescribed for the treatment of certain ailments associated with hormonal disorders. If a woman has acne, suffers from painful menstruation or excessive sweating, the remedy “Yarin Plus” will come to the rescue. Reviews show that the first results of treatment are noticeable after a week of regular therapy.


The medicine has a hormonal nature. This is definitely worth considering. Tablets can be assigned only to adult women. The drug has many contraindications. Must be studied before using the drug "Yarin Plus" reviews. And pregnancy, lactation - a condition in which hormone therapy is contraindicated, it should be understood.

Yarin doctors reviews pros consTablets cannot be prescribed for such diseases as thrombosis, migraine with neurological nature, liver failure, diabetes mellitus of the first and second type, malignant neoplasms, lactose intolerance.You can not independently begin taking the pills "Yarin." Reviews of doctors, pros, cons - all this needs to be studied before the start of therapy.

special instructions

If a woman suffers from chronic diseases, the specialist is obliged to consider the balance of benefits and risks. The medicine is hormonal. Therefore, any illness can be aggravated under its influence. Studies have shown that there is a relationship between the use of contraceptives and the development of thrombophlebitis. Therefore, patients who are suspected of having any cardiovascular diseases should stop using tablets. The risk of thrombosis increases in women who smoke, as well as in patients over the age of 35 years.

Yarin plus doctors reviewsWhile taking hormonal contraceptives, benign tumors can develop. Neoplasms require increased attention from doctors. In the absence of proper treatment, a cyst can develop into a malignant one. In rare cases, taking pills is the impetus for the development of liver tumors, which can interfere with the intra-abdominal circulation.


It is necessary to take the drug "Yarin Plus".Instructions for use, reviews of doctors and patients - all of this is important to study before starting therapy. Particular attention should be paid to dosage. With an irregular intake, the remedy will not be able to give a good result. The drug is taken orally according to the order described on the package. It is desirable to do this daily at the same time. Use the drug with a small amount of liquid.

yarin plus instruction reviewsReception means begin on the first day of the cycle (with the arrival of menstruation). The course is designed for 28 days. After one pack is complete, it is worth starting the next pack. There can be no breaks, otherwise the contraceptive effect will not be fully provided. It is necessary to regularly take contraceptives "Yarin Plus". Patient reviews show that pregnancy can occur, even if you forget to take a pill just once.

If vomiting or diarrhea occurs within 4 hours after taking a contraceptive, the absorption of the main component may be incomplete. In order to avoid unwanted pregnancy, taking the drug should be repeated or use other measures of protection.


An unpleasant symptom may cause an overdose of Yarin Plus.Reviews of doctors show that women have primarily vaginal bleeding, nausea and vomiting. In rare cases, diarrhea develops. Treatment of this condition takes place in the hospital. There is no special antidote. Symptomatic therapy is carried out in a medical institution.

Yarin plus instructions for use reviewsIf an overdose occurs, the doctor should choose another way to protect against unwanted pregnancy. There are many methods of contraception that can be used independently of the menstrual cycle.

Side effects

Even with the correct intake of hormonal contraceptives, unpredictable body reactions can develop. Observe them most often at the beginning of therapy. From the side of the central nervous system, the patient may observe dizziness, migraine, sleep disturbances. These problems are most often fixed at the beginning of the menstrual cycle and quickly disappear after the end of bleeding.

Side effects may occur on the part of the cardiovascular system. In the most difficult cases, a woman may develop thrombophlebitis. For patients who already have a heart or blood pressure problem, hormone therapy is contraindicated.

In rare cases, allergic reactions to the drug "Yarin Plus" may develop. Instruction, feedback from doctors, possible side effects - all this needs to be known for hormone-based medication. If a rash or hives appear on your skin, you should stop using pills. You can always choose another method of contraception.

Drug interaction

Should be carefully studied to the drug "Yarin Plus" instructions for use. Reviews of doctors show that the combined use of hormonal contraceptives with other medicines can lead to breakthrough uterine bleeding. Therefore, a woman must inform the gynecologist about the drugs that must be taken in parallel. Any of them can reduce the effectiveness of a hormonal contraceptive.

Yarin plus instructions from doctorsIf it is necessary to take antibiotics, oral contraception alone will not be enough. Stop taking pills should not be. However, you should additionally use a barrier method of protection against unwanted pregnancy. Can not give a reliable result of the drug "Yarin."

Reviews of doctors. Pros, cons hormonal contraception

As practice shows, there is no method of protection against unwanted pregnancy, which would work at 100%. Not an exception is hormonal contraception. The disadvantage of this type of therapy is the inconvenience of taking pills. They must be consumed daily at the same time. Along with this, there are pluses. Hormonal remedies not only help protect against pregnancy, but also improve skin condition, normalize the menstrual cycle.

Must be carefully studied before using the drug "Yarin Plus" instructions. Reviews show that proper use of the tool helps protect against unwanted conception by 98%. This is a very good result. However, it is impossible to rely on drugs alone. Entering into a sexual relationship, it is worth being prepared for possible consequences.

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