Double knit gum - knit simply, looks spectacular!

Perhaps more than half of the products associated with knitting needles contain elements made with an elastic band. And this is not surprising - the ability of such a canvas to stretch and fit a figure is valuable for many models of clothing. But it should be noted that there are so many variations of rubber bands with original drawings that many of them are used not only for this purpose, but also as the main pattern of the product. A simple gum, Canadian, openwork, French, Polish, fan, faceted, double, English knit gum - this is not a complete list of possible options for knitting this type. We will consider one of them - double.

double knit gum

Double elastic band

Double gum is, in fact, a canvas folded in half, so it is also called hollow. A double gum is knitted with knitting needles and is most often used on the edges of items such as mittens, cuffs, skirt hems, etc.In the cavity formed by double gum canvases, it is convenient to insert a conventional elastic band for tightening, insulation, etc. Often, instead of inserting the elastic in, they make a knitting of the fabric along with an elastic thread matched to the color of the yarn.

Anyone who doesn’t really know how to knit a double gum with knitting needles as part of a product that has other patterns, you should remember that for this you need to dial twice as many loops. That is, if the main fabric of your product consists of 20 loops, then to knit the elastic, you need to dial 40. The most important thing is to knit the first two rows correctly, then it will be easier to navigate through the pattern.

Knit double gum

  • We collect loops - the necessary even number, preferably a multiple of four, and two edge ones.
  • Knit the first row. Remove the edge loop. Next, we knock the whole row to the end in a cycle according to the following scheme: one front loop for the front wall, one - re-knitted on another needle without knitting with a working thread wound in front of the needles. We knit the last hem loop, as usual, in the wrong direction. Important! In order for your double gum to come out with needles, the working thread must always be between the front and the removed loop.Otherwise the hollow gum will fail.
  • The second and all subsequent rows for non-circular knitting are knitted in the same way as the first. With circular knitting in all even rows, the loop that corresponds to the previously knitted face is unattached to the thread, and the one that was removed in the previous row is knitted with a purl. Odd rows of circular knitting are knitted in the same way as the first row.

So, quite simply knit double gum knitting. The scheme of her knitting is as follows:

Double elastic band
* *
* *
* *
* *
Double rubber band in a circle
* *
- -
* *
- -


'*' - front loop for the current side of the product;

'▼' - removed loop with thread wound up in front of the needles;

'-' - purl loop for the current side of the product;

'▲' - filmed loop with the thread driven by the spokes.

If you correctly understood how to tie a double gum with knitting needles, and did not confuse anything in the process, then in the end after removing the knitting needles from the loops you will get a canvas in two layers.

double spoked pattern

Double elastic in the product

Since the double elastic knit knits knit before, after or in the middle of the main web of the product, it is necessary to discuss the points concerning the doubling of loops when going to it, and, accordingly, decreasing when returning to knitting the main web.

Adding loops

You can add loops in several ways, we will look at three of them.

  • Method 1.We pull out a new loop through every single knit at the expense of so-called. broach.
  • Method 2We make nakid behind each knitted loop, and in the next row we knit all the nakida with facial loops.
  • Method 3.Each loop is knitted with facial loops twice - first behind the back wall, and then, without removing it from the left loop, - behind the front one.

Loop reduction

Having tied a hollow gum of the desired length, it is necessary to correctly make the transition to the main knitting fabric, halving the number of loops on the needles. To do this, knit one row with face loops, knitting together two loops at once. If the gum completes the product, then the loops knotted in this way are closed.

double english gum knitting needles
If you double knit knitting with knitting needles is in the middle of the product, then when you go to it, the loops increase, and when you return to the knitting of the main fabric, respectively, decrease. After that, the canvas is knitted again according to the pattern.

Useful tips when using gum

If in the end it is necessary to obtain a dense elastic band, then it should be knitted with needles, the size of which is smaller than those used for tying up the main elements of the product.Depending on the required “compression”, this reduction can be 1, 2 or even 3 mm. The most neat fabric is obtained by using needles with a diameter equal to the thickness of the thread or exceeding its maximum by 1.5 sizes.

how to tie a double gum with knitting needles

It may be difficult to measure the length of a product bound by an elastic band, since this value varies depending on how stretched or compressed it is in width. Therefore, if the instruction does not provide any recommendations on this matter, the best option is to measure the length of the product in a half-stretched state.

Gummed products and parts can not be ironed or steam treated, in which case they are deformed and lose relief.

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