Door frame and its self-assembly

Bought a new door and decided to install it yourself? No problem. Let's figure out how to assemble and install the door frame yourself.

door frame

First lay all parts of the doorboxes. Build the door stop, connect it to the top and right strapping (lateral), and then just connect it to the top and left. Next, you need to nail the bar (section 5 by 2.5 centimeters). It needs to be done exactly between the two straps at the sides, located at the bottom of the door frame, so that the straps do not move and are parallel during the whole process of installing the door.

In front of you the assembled door frame. It is necessary to install it in the doorway. Make sure that it is exactly in the center. It is not superfluous to check the verticality of the installation, as well as the perpendicularity of the elements and the horizontality of the upper strapping.

self-assembly of the door frame

Next, the door frame will be attached to the wall. It is necessary to put a piece of plywood on the box itself. Do this only in those places where it touches the wall. After this, you must again check the verticality of the side parts. Find the reinforcing bars, the door frame should be attached to them, use nails without hats, if you have a wooden wall, or screws, if you have a stone wall. Next, remove the bar that was nailed, and again check the horizontal of the upper strap. If there is any displacement, correct it. The door frame is ready.

Now we need to disassemble the hinges. How to do it? Remove axles from them, and then screw the corresponding parts of the loops into special grooves, which must be cut out in the door. Place under the door of the lining and install it in the box. Adjust the locking bar, if suddenly the door does not close smoothly.

installation of a door frame with a dock

Then over the door you need to install the platbands(upper element). Attach the element to the wall, make sure its levelness is horizontal and nail with a nail (distance - about 7.4 centimeters from the corner). Then nail the other nail on the opposite side (the distance from the corner is the same). Nails need to be hammered at a distance of 15 centimeters from each other.

Lateral elements should also be nailed. There should not be any slots, adjust everything to within a millimeter. After making sure of accuracy, nail the side elements on the other side of the door.

installation of a door frame with a dock

To close the various gaps betweenwall and box, as well as for decoration, use exterior and interior trim. The exterior is always more massive and beautiful. They are usually made from spruce or pine pine (thickness from 20 to 30 centimeters), less often from linden.

As for the internal platbands, they usually have a width of 7.5 to 15 centimeters. They should be a bit wider than the bars of the box (2-5 centimeters).

The front part of the platbands can be variedform, and on the inside they have grooves, the depth of which does not exceed five millimeters. These grooves ensure a tight connection of the clypeus with the box and with the wall. In the corners you need to connect the platbands at an angle of 45 degrees. Pay attention to this point, you need to dock everything very accurately, so that there are no cracks, otherwise you will eventually get a big hole between the pieces of platbands.

The platbands are fastened, again, with the help of nails (choose nails with flattened heads). Drive the nails at a distance of 50-70 centimeters from each other.

The installation of the door frame with theadditional bars. The device is necessary when the thickness of the door frame is less than the thickness of the wall. You can use the device for aesthetic reasons.

The assembly of the door frame is completed by hand.

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