Director Sarik Andreasyan: biography, photos and filmography

The young Russian-Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan has already shot more than two dozen feature films for his 32 years, among which there are a lot of box office hits. Moreover, almost every new picture of him receives diametrically opposed reviews from viewers and critics. Only the film “Earthquake” avoided such a fate.


Sarik Andreasyan was born in 1984 in Yerevan. After 4 years, together with his parents Garnik Saribekovich and Erazik Vladimirovna and with two brothers moved to the Kazakh city of Kostanay. In 2001, Sarik graduated from the Gorky high school with a humanitarian bias. Immediately after this, the young man entered the journalism department of the local State University. In his student years, Sarik played in KVN and acquired connections that were useful to him in further work. After graduation, Andreasyan moved to Moscow. In the capital, he entered the Yuri Grymov Workshop, having received at the end of the specialty "film director".

“Earthquake” by director Sarik Andreasyan

Carier start

In the early years of his directorial career, Sarik began to specialize in shooting music videos and advertising.

In 2006, Andreasyan was invited as a director of the low-cost thriller "45 centimeters" according to his own script. However, this project was soon stopped due to lack of sufficient funding. A year later, work was resumed, but then it was again shut down. Later, Sarika was again asked to complete the painting, but he refused.

In 2008, Andreasyan again gets the opportunity to create a picture according to his own scenario. Soon the screens out comedy “Mugs”, in which Yevgeny Nikishin, Nadezhda Ruchka, Mikhail Policeymako, Dmitry Nagiyev and others were involved. The picture was warmly received by the audience and brought nearly 5 million US dollars with a budget of one million.

In September 2009, Sarika Andreasyan was invited to Leopolis as a director and screenwriter, and in May of next year, the filming of the “Office Romance. Nowadays". The picture was a great success, collecting at the box office 15 million dollars.

Sarik Andreasyan film "Earthquake"

Work in the film company Enjoy Movies

In autumn 2010, Sarik Andreasyan, together with producer G.Malkov and his brother Ghevond founded the film company Enjoy Movies. Since that time, he began to speak at once in 3 guises: director, script writer and producer. The first project of the new film company was the super-hit film “Pregnant” from the point of view of success in the Russian hire. The picture has collected 8.2 million dollars at the box office, but was defeated by domestic film critics. They reasonably considered this work to be the plagiarism of A. Reitman's junior comedy by Andreasyan, noting the excellent work of Dmitry Dyuzhev, who played the main role.

Filmography from 2012 to 2013

In just three years, director Sarik Andreasyan created and produced 14 films. Among them are family comedies:

  • "Moms";
  • "He is still Carloson";
  • "What are men doing!"
  • "Happy New Year, Mom!" And others.

All of them had a huge financial success and collected full halls. Thanks to their appearance on the screens, the Enjoy Movies film company in just 2 years has become the most commercially successful in Russia.

In addition, in 2013, just 4 years after the start of creative activity, Sarik Andreasyan entered the top 10 most successful producers of the Russian Federation according to the well-known magazine “Kinobiznes”, and also ranked 3 in the highest grossing directors of our country according to the version of Variety Russia .

director Sarik Andreasyan movies

Glacier films

In 2013, the brothers Andreasyan, G. Malkov, and also V.Polyakov teamed up with well-known Hollywood producers Hayden and Touw Christensen and organized a new company. Founded by them Glacier Films immediately announced its intention to remove at least 10 pictures for the world rolled.

In the summer of 2013, director Sarik Andreasyan, whose films are very popular with the Russian audience, filmed the drama “American Robbery”. In this first Glacier Films project, Adrien Brody, Hayden Christensen, Jordana Brewster and rapper Akon were invited as lead actors. Filming took place in New Orleans. The debut film was shown in Canada at the Toronto Film Festival.

In the same year, Sarik Andreasyan acted as the director of the zombie horror Cooties, the events in which take place in a private school, where students picked up a terrible virus and are desperately fighting for survival.

Later, Glacier Films made the film Bathory / Lady of Csejte, based on the true story of Countess E. Batori. The main role in the film performed S. Khodchenkova. The director of the tape was A. Konst.

director Sarik Andreasyan

The latest work of the director

In 2014, Andreasyan began work on the second part of the film “What men are doing!”, Inviting T. Mamedov, R. Yunusov and D. Kohoma to the main roles. Filming took place in Moscow and Los Angeles.

From other works of Sarik can be noted paintings "Mafia", "Women against Men", "Robbery in American style", etc.

One of the latest works of the director was the picture "Defenders". Her trailer collected about 30 million views and was the subject of many articles in the foreign press.

Sarik Andreasyan movies

The film “Earthquake” directed by Sarik Andreasyan

On December 7, 1988, one of the most devastating earthquakes in the modern history of mankind occurred in the Armenian USSR. Overnight almost to the ground 4 cities and more than 300 settlements were destroyed. More than 25,000 people died under the rubble or died later from their injuries. The republic had no chance to cope with the disaster on its own. But the trouble rallied people, many of whom had never before heard of Spitak or Leninakan.

Although in the days of this tragedy that united the world, Sarik Andreasyan was still a preschool child, he remembered the atmosphere of grief and the universal desire to help in everything possible. Therefore, it is not surprising that, as an adult, the director decided to make a film about those events.

Judging by the reviews of the audience, the picture, of course, turned out. It became a kind of gratitude to all residents of the USSR and other countries who arrived in Armenia to save those who died under the ruins of houses, schools,kindergartens and industrial enterprises.

Sarik Andreasyan's film “Earthquake” was released on December 1. He woke up in people of the older generation memories of a great country, where the pain of another was perceived as its own, regardless of nationality, and made the youth think about eternal values.

Sarik Andreasyan's personal life

The director does not like to talk about his family. It is only known that he is married to a girl who received a diploma of a journalist and has only an indirect relationship to cinema.

The journalists managed to find out that the story of dating spouses is similar to the script of a romantic film. Judge for yourself: a few years ago, Sarik Andreasyan met in one of the social networks with a girl who put up photos of his future wife as an avatar. Communication lasted about a month, but then the deception was revealed. After some time, the young man saw a beautiful woman with a photo and could not resist not to approach the stranger. He told her about his “virtual romance”, and she found this story funny. As a result, young people began to meet, and later married.

Sarik Andreasyan

Now you know who Sarik Andreasyan is.Films by this director are often targeted by critics. However, many of them are among the highest grossing in the history of Russian cinema and are very popular among viewers.

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