Dinners at Jean-Jacques. This is a complete failure.

My dinners began in a fairly well-known network of French wine restaurants "Jean-Jacques" quite well. At first, I liked everything and I was ready to leave a good review, but the last dinner crossed out almost everything. Here they do not know how to do it normally, something unsightly is often hidden behind the outer glitter.

Address:Maroseyka, 15
Time: C 12:00 to 16:00
Prices:A full meal costs 420 rubles. Without a soup or snack, lunch will cost 350 rubles.
Kitchen:European, French

Menu:The menu is listed on the site, but it is not true. You have a choice of 3 appetizers, 3 soups and 3 hot dishes, tea / coffee / a glass of wine. Also, with a surcharge of 100 rubles, you can also order one of the three desserts. The menu changes every week. All but the desserts are missing from the main menu. I was not able to find out anything about the standard portions, the representatives of the network did not answer my questions.

Gazpacho. In the menu, it is named differently, such as in French, but in France, gazpacho is also called gazpacho. But in any case it is not him.It is mashed with canned Italian tomatoes - no fresh vegetables, no other vegetables.

Borscht. With meat here tight

Okroshka. Not bad, but there was trash floating in it.
Salads and appetizers.

Salad a la Caesar. It is called that. Inside is a different type of salad. Not bad at all.

Baked fish.

Egg stuffed with minced fish. Tastefully, some kind of garbage and lettuce old.

Marseille cake - fish casserole. Not bad, a little more.

Pie with fish. Quite normal.

Baked meat with vegetables with Caesar sauce. I found the sauce there, but the garbage was
The drinks

Green tea. But they can file black instead.

Wine. It is clear that the cheapest

Only on my third dinner I was served free water.

Dessert with mango mousse. It is very tasty and terribly sweet, just a diabetic bomb. But as a dessert for 100 rubles - this is an excellent choice.

Dessert with berries. Berries, however, was not, there was only cherry. Whether she insisted in brandy, but it seemed to me that she was acidified. Although dessert for 100 rubles is very good
Portions: small
Lead time: 10-20 minutes
Atmosphere: classic french cafe cute enough

Wi-Fi: there is
Disadvantages:service and cooking
Overall impression:
My third lunch in Jean-Jacques ended in complete failure. After such a difficult to evaluate this institution.
Food:4 points
Product quality:3 points
Innings:4 points
Waiters:4 points
Situation:4 points
Prices:3 point
Hospitality:1 point
Author's:2 points
Overall rating:25 out of 40
This review is objective, without intervention from advertisers, business lunches are paid from their own funds.
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