Difficult life turns in the life of Elena Berezhnaya

The pair Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze are athletes performing in ice dancing sport. The first major victory was won in 1999, won gold at the World Championships. In 2001, they became European champions, and a year later they rose to the highest level of the Olympic pedestal. After these starts left the big sport.

Biography of Elena Berezhnoy

One of the most famous Russian figure skaters was born on October 11, 1977 in the city of Nevinnomyssk. Lena's parents separated when the girl was five years old. In time, she had a stepfather whom she loved and understood. At the age of five, my mother gave Lena to the figure skating section in order to improve her health. As it turned out, Lena was just made for riding. From the first days the girl did it all. Due to the good results that she showed, in 15 years was taken to the national team of Latvia. They talked about her as a rising star, they associated future victories with her.

Berezhnaya and Shlyakhov

The first partner Berezhnoy was Oleg Shlyakhov.It was a tough partner who could bring a girl to tears. In addition, the couple did not have a relationship with their coach. The Federation of figure skating appealed to coach Tamara Moskvina with a request to take this pair. In 1993, Lena and Oleg came to train to her in St. Petersburg.

Lena's any mistake in training was perceived by Shlyakhov with irritation, which increasingly pushed Lena to drop everything and go home to Nevinnomyssk. Moskvina tried to resolve the conflicts of her charges. In the sports palace, where Lena and Oleg were training, a pair of Masha Petrova and Anton Sikharulidze also had training sessions. Elena Berezhnaya began to communicate with this figure skater. Sympathy, which broke out between Lena and Anton, grew into a romantic relationship.

Trauma that changed Elena's life

In 1993, Moskvina began preparing a pair for the Olympic Games in Lillehammer. The final trainings were scheduled for January 1994 in Riga. At one of the training sessions in the rotation, Oleg jerked and inadvertently cut Lena’s head with skates. Lena was taken to the hospital with deathly pale and bleeding. In the ambulance she fainted. After the most complicated operation, the doctors gave a terrible prediction that Lena would be confined to a wheelchair and could hardly speak.

Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze

In an instant, life was crossed out.Anton Sikharulidze arrived at the hospital where she was in Latvia. He was told about the incident by the mother of the figure skater Elena Berezhnoy. Anton, arriving at the hospital, saw in the ward the immobilized body of a girl. From that moment on, he abandoned all his trainings and spent all his time at Lena’s bed, trying to bring her to life with stories about the future, when they would ride together and win all the gold of the world. Lena listened to this tale and did not believe that she - a disabled person - would be able to get out of bed, let alone get on skates.

Love is the best medicine.

Thanks to the care of relatives and the love of a young man, step by step, Lena returned to life, re-learned to speak. Two months after the injury, she was able to take her first step. And then she had a desire to wear skates and go on the ice. But doctors did not allow to do this. In the spring of 1994, Lena was often at the rink, but the desire to start training was more and more mature in her head.

Six months later, Elena Berezhnaya began to ride, and gradually began the restoration of all elements of figure skating. Lena's partner now was Anton Sikharulidze. Their ice training was watched by everyone.It was a beautiful, graceful couple, from which it was impossible to tear his eyes. Soon, the pair began to win the national, world and European championships, and in 2002, Lena and Anton's most cherished dream to become Olympic champions came true. They took the gold in Salt Lake City and left their favorite sport.

Olympic gold

Life goes on

Having completed his career in figure skating, each of the skaters had time to realize themselves outside the sport. The first four years after leaving, from 2002 to 2006, the couple still continued to take part in professional figure skater shows in the cities of the United States and Canada. The remaining time the couple learned to live without figure skating.

Anton noticed that the life of a figure skater from his very childhood was completely given to ice. Training twice a day, competitions, no holidays, no weekends, no free time. In the new life, after a sports career, you begin to open up, to see your other parties.

Elena Berezhnaya notes that during the transitional period, leaving the sport, you need to join life, which until then had only luggage, travel, buses, airplanes ... There was no feeling of your own home over the years of training and competition. Everything was fleeting.And she really likes her small cozy apartment, where you can watch the life of the city from the window.

What do skaters do?

Each star figure skater lives in his apartment, and only recently the whole country followed the romantic relationship of Elena and Anton with aspiration. But, having completed his performance in sports, the champions put an end to their long-term romance. In the new life they decided to just be friends. Anton says that they have a friendly relationship with Elena. And she adds that this relationship is above love, they have outgrown the youthful romance of lovers' souls, while maintaining the warm friendship of a brother and sister. There is no longer a relationship between a man and a woman, it is a relationship of soul mates

Elena and Anton

After a completed sports career, Anton Sikharulidze took up the career of a businessman. The money earned by jumping in three turns, the skater let in another turn. Restaurant for 1500 seats in the busiest place of St. Petersburg.

Lena was not so effectively developing in business. In her native Nevinnomyssk, she opened a cafe for her mother, but it became unprofitable. Just in the town there are so many people who would have money to visit cafes.

Plans for the future and the personal life of Elena Berezhnoy

Lena loves to draw, but this is an amateur portrait with a pencil. What she wanted to do was make films. But, as she argues, you need to learn this for a long time. Nevertheless, the first videos she shot about her colleagues in the sport failed. But it is, it is a rehearsal. Ahead of the director Berezhnoy film about a great feeling, with a star in the lead role.

Elena Berezhnaya with her husband and children

On the personal life of Lena does not tell. All the time in his youth was sport. In 2006, at one of the famous ice show Stars On Ice, she came closer to the long-time lonely figure skater from England, Stephen Cousins. Their paths repeatedly crossed paths at the European and World Championships. Lena did not assume that they would have a romance that would grow into a marriage. True, it did not last long.

In 2012, the couple broke up. Lena's son Tristan was born during marriage in 2007 and in 2009, daughter Sofia-Diana.

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