Diet for gaining muscle mass. How to gain muscle mass: nutrition

In order to correctly form the muscle mass of your body, you need a careful approach to the process. It is necessary to remember three important stages, which should not only be combined with each other, but also be applied independently. A set of muscle mass implies a training process, nutrition and rest. If any of these stages is overlooked, the effect will be insignificant. The case can reach the end of muscle growth.

diet for gaining muscle mass

The diet for gaining muscle mass must be properly balanced. Together with him, it is required to combine timely loads and proper rest. Only in such a situation will the muscles grow at a fairly rapid pace.

What principles should be guided in proper nutrition?

Absolutely for all athletes need a specialized diet.The nutritional scheme, which will be selected individually, will make it possible to more efficiently convert the calories obtained with nutrients into a scalable muscle mass. If the diet for gaining muscle mass will not be compiled correctly, then this can adversely affect the growth not only of individual muscle fibers, but also of the whole body. Therefore, the necessary thoroughness in this matter.

What is the ratio of protein, carbohydrate and fat characterized by proper nutrition?

It should start with calories. Such a process as a set of muscle mass, requires them in greater quantities than in the case of the normal functioning of the body. Per day calorie intake should vary between 2500-3000. If you need to increase muscle mass, this number should be increased by about 20%.

All those calories that enter the body should not be completely the same. They do not need to be obtained only from proteins or fats. The optimal weight gain scheme is the need to use such schemes as: fats - 20%, carbohydrates - 60%, proteins - 20% of the total. You can also use the following scheme: fats - 15%, carbohydrates - 50%, proteins - 35%.If all this is taken into account, then an increase in muscle mass will occur at a faster rate. At the same time, obesity can be prevented.

muscle mass gain

The diet for gaining muscle mass is based on:

  1. Sources of carbohydrates necessary for consumption. This buckwheat porridge, honey, bananas, pasta, potatoes, rice and cereals.
  2. Sources of proteins required for consumption. We are talking about nuts, fish, beef without fat, chicken white meat, egg whites, dairy products.

What vitamins and minerals may be needed?

No less important are vitamins. The body must receive them. Under the vitamins should be understood nutrients that should be consumed in small doses. The body itself is unable to produce them, so it needs to be helped in this. In other words, athletes who want to increase muscle mass need to use special vitamin complexes and products that are very rich in such elements. These are vegetables and fruits. On the day you need to eat about 400-500 grams of vegetables.

proper nutrition for muscle mass

When making up the diet for gaining muscle mass, you need to know that vitamins and minerals are found in apples, pears, oranges, dried fruits, fresh carrots, greens and berries.

The body needs a building element

Protein, or protein, is necessary for the formation of the body. This is a kind of building material that plays the second most important role after water. Protein is involved in the creation of all tissues that are present in the body. And it is the protein that is needed in order to increase muscle mass. In addition, regular training will require exactly the squirrel from the athlete. And if it is consumed in the proper amount, then the growth of muscles will not take long to wait. It should be remembered that the greater the muscle mass, the more it is necessary to provide the body with protein.

Proper nutrition for muscle mass implies the presence in the body of an adequate supply of protein. In this regard, it is necessary to take it at every meal. It is necessary to control that the protein is not too low. It is better to take it more so that there is no shortage later.

What foods may contain protein?

muscle building nutrition

Protein can be easily obtained from natural products. It can also be found in a variety of supplements. The natural element is in such products, which are peculiar to animal and vegetable origin.In the first case means meat, cottage cheese, milk, fish.

Vegetable proteins are in legumes, in lentils, peas and soybeans. Distinctive features of such a building material are different digestibility and composition. A balanced diet for building muscle is characterized by the total amount of the protein that was metabolized, and not just consumed. In this regard, plant and animal proteins are best taken in equal proportions.

Which source is the best?

It is important to make the right choice in favor of a certain source of protein. The best today are poultry, soy, dairy products with a minimum amount of fat, beef without fat and eggs. All these foods need to be added to your daily diet.

At the present stage, there are three main types of protein supplements: soy, casein and whey protein. They all differ in different rates of absorption. They can be combined with each other.

Body needs a lot of energy

nutrition to increase muscle mass

Carbohydrates or, more simply, sugar, after the body processes them, will be turned into glucose. That it provides the body with such an important component as energy.In addition, it is carbohydrates that stimulate the brain. And it should be noted that nutrition to increase muscle mass can not be considered complete without such an additive.

Carbohydrates are simple and complex. From each other, they differ in different absorption rates. Simple supplements can usually be found in honey, sweets, juices, flour products, potatoes and sugar. Complex carbohydrates are found in vegetables, legumes, grains, wholemeal flour. Such additives are characterized by the presence of a large amount of fiber, dietary fiber. Accordingly, complex carbohydrates are digested longer. This leads to the fact that the body receives its share of energy gradually. Simple carbohydrates immediately give the body the necessary charge, which just as quickly disappears.

An important component of any organism

In most life processes, fat is an indispensable participant. Each gram contains about 9 calories, which is two times more than the above supplements. This density suggests that you do not need to add to the menu for a set of muscle mass huge amounts of fat.The required number of calories can be obtained with a minimum content of these building elements in food. Many beginning athletes begin to consume fats in a much larger volume than may be required.

how to gain muscle mass nutrition

It should be noted that the unsaturated elements are characterized by useful properties. And special attention should be paid to such an acid as Omega 3. It must necessarily be present in those products that are used to gain muscle mass. The beneficial properties of this acid include an increased metabolic rate, increased endurance. In addition, Omega 3 can positively affect the work of the joints and the heart. Acid stimulates the brain and supports immunity.

This element is present in large quantities in fish, vegetable oils, walnuts, and spinach. Therefore, such products should be included in your diet without fail.

The most important element present in the body

The body of any person is about 75% fluid. In the muscles of its about 70%. Water takes an active part in almost all life processes.Per day it is required to consume about 30 grams per 1 kilogram of weight.

menu for a set of muscle mass

If you want to figure out how to gain muscle mass, then in your diet you need to add the following important point: food consumption is best divided by 5-6 times. It is necessary to calculate the required number of calories and make an optimal diet.


Summing up this review, you should wish good luck to all those involved in the formation and improvement of their bodies. We hope that the review has helped you figure out how to gain muscle mass. Meals should be healthy and regular. Successes to you in this rather difficult business and excellent results!

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