Diapers "365 days": customer reviews

Today, many companies are engaged in the production of diapers. Their products have certain differences. What are theydiapers "365 days"? Description of products and reviewsBuyers will be discussed further.

From the history of diapers

Since ancient times, people have tried to build a design similar to modern diapers, from scrap materials. Eskimos used for these purposes seal skins, the inhabitants of the tropics - palm leaves. In different countries, flax, wool, moss and other available materials were used.Diapers 365 days reviews

The first disposable diaper appeared in the mid-50s of the last century. The absorbent material in it was wood chips. Such diapers are not widely used, but they became the basis for new developments. As a result of technical research scientists and a diaper, which is almost no different from modern analogues. It happened in the early 60s of the twentieth century. Since then, the lives of parents with infants, much easier. With the mountains of diapers and constant washings were over.

Since the first diapers were released under the brand name Pampers, the words "diaper" and "diapers" very soon became synonymous. Currently, there are many other brands that produce these products. One of them arediapers "365 days."

If at first only products for children were produced, now products are also made for adults. They are used to care for bed patients and elderly people.

What it is

A disposable diaper, or diaper, is a special type of underwear consisting of several layers of different materials. Together they provide reliable protection against leakage, contamination of clothing and linen.Diapers panties 365 days reviews

Diapers are indispensable for small children traveling, walking, sleeping. However, most parents use them to care for babies all the time. Therefore, there appeared special panties.diapers "365 days". According to consumer reviews, they are optimally suited for daily care.

What is a diaper

The product of the presented brand consists of several layers. The first layer is a thin plastic film. Next - a surface similar to a napkin, consisting of cellulose.It contains adsorbing filler. This is usually a granular powder that does not cause allergies and irritation. Thanks to this structure, the baby's ass remains dry.

reviews of diapers 365 days tape

According toreviews, diapers, panties "365 days"have a thoughtful configuration. They are equipped with rubber inserts that fit snugly to the body and prevent fluid from leaking out. Such areas are often covered with waterproof polypropylene.

Also in the production of diapers use bleach, various fragrances to ensure a pleasant smell, as well as lotions. Products are equipped with Velcro fasteners for better fixation on the body of a baby.

Features of products "365 days"

In the Russian market, in addition to the well-known manufacturers of diapers, there are less famous companies. One of these companies is Lenta, which has existed on the consumer market for more than twenty years. Its activity covers many areas of production - from household chemicals to food.Diapers pants 365 days reviews

The company "Lenta" in its activities seeks to produce high-quality products at an affordable cost. Do not become an exception to this rule anddiapers "Ribbon" "365 days." Reviewsabout this product indicate that the price remains acceptable with a high level of product quality. This is an important, but not the only advantage of the product.


Diaper pants “365 days”, according to reviews, thin, soft and pleasant to the touch. The child feels comfortable in them. The filler perfectly absorbs moisture, and the surface inside the panty remains dry. Triple gum on the sides gives an additional guarantee against leakage.Diapers 365 days

Diapers of this brand have excellent fixing fasteners, Velcro, which can be undoed and fastened several times. There is also a stretching insert, due to which the pressure on the tummy is reduced, if the baby is actively moving.
The composition of diapers does not include impregnations, fragrances and lotions, which makes them absolutely hypoallergenic.

Also among the advantages of parents note reliability, no leakage due to elastic belts. Also there is a lack of irritation and allergic reactions when using "365 days".


One of the major drawbacksdiapers "365 days", according to reviews, is the lack of elastic on the belt.This is bad first of all, for children up to 6 months, which lie most of the time.Diapers panties 365 days

Another disadvantage is the lack of oxygen through the filler. This is especially noticeable when the internal material is filled, and the sorbent in it greatly swells. Therefore, "365 days" should not be used in a very hot season. The diaper must be changed frequently and use a protective cream. If these recommendations are followed, the baby's ass does not blush, the child feels comfortable.

And one more disadvantage of these diapers is that it is not possible to adjust the size with a buckle. Therefore, you need to buy exactly the size that is needed for the child.

Diaper Modifications

In addition to the usual diapers, the company "Lenta" also produces special models for older mobile children. Products have the form of shorts and are supplied with a comfortable stretching belt. Consumers who used them in the care of babies, leave only positive statements. Particularly noted the ability to wear and remove diapers like regular panties, if necessary, you can break the side panels.Diapers 365 days midi reviews

"365 days" are available in packs of 72, 64 and 56 pieces.The most popular with customers enjoyDiapers "365 days Midi", reviewswhich are said to be the most advantageous packaging. It is designed for children weighing 4-9 kg. There are 72 diapers in the package. Buyers note that this is a good replacement for expensive diapers in the event that they are used for 1-2 hours. Spending an expensive diaper for such a short period is simply pitiful.

How to use diapers

In order todiapers "365 days", reviewsabout which provide experienced pediatricians, benefit and harm the baby as little as possible, you need to know and follow simple rules for the use of these hygiene products.

First of all, it is better not to buy models with fragrances, at least until the time when the child is six months old, because such products can cause irritation or rash.

The diaper should be worn exclusively on clean and dry skin. Use a diaper while the child is awake only when you are going with him for a walk or a trip. The baby does not necessarily walk in diapers all day, if he is at home.

Change the diaper every 3-4 hours. The baby needs to be changed immediately, without waiting for several hours to pass. Being a child in a swollen diaper not only causes him discomfort. This can significantly harm his health.

The diaper should not be too tight to the body of the baby, but should not sit on it too loosely.

It is very harmful to use diapers for up to three or even four years. The child in this case is not able to control the process of urination, he may have incontinence. It is recommended to use diapers for up to a year, a maximum of one and a half years. At this age, the child should already ask himself to the toilet.

If the baby is constantly in the diaper, and it is rarely changed, his tactile reactions suffer. A child can grow up capricious and fearful, be wary of contact with new objects and people.

In addition, a long stay in a swollen diaper can lead to an inflammatory process in the bladder and cause cystitis. Some doctors claim that it can also cause infertility in boys.

In general, pediatricians believe that compliance with all these rules makes the use of diapersuseful and safe. The main thing is to choose the type of hygiene products that best suits the child.

Diapers "365 days", according to reviewsexperts and buyers are of acceptable quality. Due to this, they firmly occupied their niche in the market of children's products.

Therefore, diapers are indispensable for small children traveling, walking, sleeping. However, most parents use them to care for babies all the time. Therefore, specialdiapers panties “365 days". According to consumer reviews, they are optimally suited for daily care.

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