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Pay attention to the reaction of the authorities to the murder of Arkady Babchenko.
After the murder of Boris Nemtsov, the bots distributed technical assignments:
Technical Task No. 1. Opposition
The basic idea: we conclude that the murder of the oppositionist Nemtsov was not beneficial to the official authorities, it is obvious that behind this is a provocation.
Technical Task number 2. Opposition
The main idea: we form a negative attitude towards the opposition who are trying to earn political points on the death of a comrade.
Technical Task number 3. Opposition
The basic idea: we form an opinion that Ukrainian leaders may be involved in the death of a Russian opposition figure.
Technical Task No. 4. USA
The basic idea: we criticize Western politicians for interfering in the internal affairs of Russia; Nemtsov’s murder is being used as a pretext to put pressure on the Russian Federation.
Now everything will be repeated. Power is unprofitable. This is specially done before the World Cup. Ukraine is to blame for everything. This is a provocation against Russia. This is not us, but it will be so with every traitor.

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