Decorative cord for the ceiling - an original interior detail

For finishing ceilings now almost everywherestretch ceilings are used. The material is valued for durability, quick installation, no debris after work. In addition, it looks great in any room. And since there are stitches at the suspended ceilings, a decorative cord will help to close them. The room will look neat and cozy.

decorative cord

What is decorative tape?

To install tension ceilings was successful, inend of work should use special decorative caps. They are needed to mask the gaps that appeared during the installation. The decorative cord is presented as a frame for the finished ceiling. Before buying stubs, you need to consider some factors:

  • width of the tape: if the load-bearing wall is not very even, then the cord should be narrow, which will successfully hide the shortcomings of the surface;
  • a decorative cord for the ceiling can be of different shades: you should choose the color that is more suitable for the canvas;
  • to emphasize the smoothness of the walls will be obtained with the help of a wide tape, as it will make the room more expressive;
  • stubs in design design are often used to create expressiveness, especially in decorating a children's room;
  • if the bathroom used to decorate the walls with ceramic granite, then it is desirable to choose T-shaped caps: they perfectly hide the seams;
  • when a multi-level ceiling is made, it is desirable to use special connecting plugs: they hide joints at different levels.

Decorative tapes serve as decoration and elimination of defects. The best fittings include cords. The original thing will make the room more luxurious.

Features of decorative cord

Decorative cord for stretch ceilings is createdFrom synthetic threads of different tones with inserts. The product perfectly hides the cuttings that appeared after installation. And since it is considered an independent element, it creates different decorative details. Because the cord is flexible, you can create any visual composition with it.

decorative ceiling cord

The product does not deteriorate under the influence of moisture andtemperatures, so it is used for finishing different rooms. If the owners have a desire to create a luxurious interior decoration, then the decorative cord is most suitable for this work. Now products are produced, differing in colors and diameters. For mounting in grooves of baguettes it is desirable to use a twisted cord, which in diameter does not exceed 12 cm.

Color choose contrast or the same withceiling. Because of the thickness of the product, you can perfectly decorate any ceiling. The structure of the fabric will hide the unevenness of the walls. To date, a decorative cord for tensioning materials is considered the best decoration.

Types of cords

For each room you need to purchase your cords. If you select the right decorative elements, you will get a harmonious space. Cords are divided into the following criteria:

  • by size: from 1.5 to 10 mm in diameter;
  • by type of braiding: twisted or with complex weaving;
  • by material: inside can be a rubber vein, cloth, wire.

decorative cord for stretch ceilings

It is necessary to choose such decorative cord that it perfectly combined with a ceiling. Then it can become an important part of the interior.

Benefits of cords

The main advantage of the product is considered to beunusual. Used decorative cords for curtains, which makes the interior more luxurious. It looks original with coverlets, carpets. Other advantages include:

  • ease of attachment;
  • elimination of ceilings of ceilings;
  • durability.

To fasten the cord does not require special skills, so every master can cope with this work. If required, this decorative detail can be easily removed.

Properties of a cord

The product has a soft and flexible structure, thereforeIt is ideal for all sections of the ceiling. This property is important in the design of products of complex shapes. Cord twisted decorative does not spoil from moisture and other factors. Even if there is a gulf on top, the product can be simply dismantled. The properties of the cord include environmental friendliness.

decorative cord for tensioners

For a stretch ceiling, decorations are better and not selectable. It is only necessary to determine the diameter, color, and footage. The original part will serve as an elegant decoration of the room.

Features of choice

Before buying a cord, you need to decide on thecolor and diameter. The detail should create an accent, and also to divide the tension ceiling and the wall. It is thanks to these functions that the room looks more luxurious, so you need to select the correct cord.

Colors also take an important place. To base carry white and black. For low rooms, light ceilings are often used, as they visually increase space. In this case, the white border will mask the gap. A black one will make the emphasis on the border.

twisted decorative cord

Other colors of cords are also sold: they can be selected by color to the ceiling or to the wall. The contrast can be created when the walls are completely level. With the help of bright colors, you can emphasize the style, as well as hide the unevenness. Cords are sold in reels. When buying, you need to consider the following subtleties:

  • the insert should be easy to install;
  • You need to decide whether you need a braid of non-standard form;
  • with the aid of the insert, the gap must be completely closed;
  • it is necessary to choose such a cord, the installation of which does not require a sealant or glue.

Ceiling cord is the original thing in the interior. Choosing the right product, you can forget about the presence of uneven walls. The room will be cozy and harmonious.

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