Deciphering the position of CEO, duties

With the development of information technology, new professions began to appear, many of which are still not clear to everyone. Everyone knows what a teacher, translator, doctor, businessman is doing, while the professions of motion designer, copywriter, marketer, SEO specialist raise many questions. Even more difficult for those who are not aware of the modern names of the usual names of professions. This article provides information about the CEO. Deciphering the position of CEO will help to better understand the type of activity.

Who is the CEO?

Now the CEO position is very much appreciated. Decoding in English will slightly open the functional responsibilities of a specialist in this field for those who do not speak foreign languages.

So, the CEO, the Chief Executive Officer, translates into Russian as the “chief executive officer.” The CEO is the head of the organization, the general director.

Women can be CEO too

Using abbreviations

Many people are interested in what sense it is to call the boss a kind of obscure abbreviation, also foreign, when there is a familiar Russian word.

There is a sense, because CEO is the international name of the profession of the general director, and in practice it applies only to owners or managers of large forms of business. In other words, the head of the trade stall is not the CEO, but the head of the trade stall.

The abbreviation applies not only to the position of CEO. Deciphering the position of CEO in English makes it clear that, since there are other Officers, they must also be called internationally.


What are the main responsibilities of a CEO?

First and foremost, the CEO is not necessarily the direct owner of the business. He can be both the owner and the hired manager, but the extent of his responsibility does not diminish from this (at least legally).

The CEO is fully responsible for everything that happens in the company. He is obliged to control the work of all its departments, competently delegate tasks, distribute duties among employees, manage labor and material resources. And this is only a small part of his tasks.

Stress is a normal thing for bosses

Of course, such a list of duties is normal for the head of a large company, but they are listed on paper where they look more serious, more complex and even intimidating.

Does the Chief Executive Officer seriously pull on himself so much work?

Chief Assistant to SEO

Of course, not pulling. That is why we are talking about competent delegation of certain tasks.

First and foremost, the general director is assisted by his first deputy. According to international terminology, his position is called Deputy CEO. Position, the decoding of which is more than simple: deputy in translation from English is “deputy”.

As a rule, a deputy has his own work clearly outlined, therefore deviations from a given plan rarely occur.

Who else is there?

As in a huge mechanism, every screw and every detail plays a significant role, and in large corporations the contribution of every employee of the company is important. In essence, any firm is the same mechanism. How clearly it is adjusted, depends on many factors.

Most of the tasks have already been distributed in advance due to the fact that there are departments and subdivisions in any large company, and the job description of the staff of each department has been drawn up in advance. It is these departments that are the constituent elements of the organization.

It is worth learning more about the Assistant General Manager, who heads the various departments.

Many people confuse CEO and CFO position. Decoding again will help to understand the difference.

CFO - Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With this position, everything is clear: this is a person who deals with financial issues of the company. He is on staff; CEO - his immediate superior.

CIO - Chief Information Officer (Chief Information Officer). He is engaged in the automation of company processes. Monitors the work of information technology within the organization. Do not confuse it with a programmer.

The task of the CEO is to monitor information support.

CTO - Chief Technology Officer (Chief Technology Officer). Engaged in the development of new technical products and solutions.

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer (Chief Marketing Officer). His task is to conduct marketing research, develop a strategy to promote the company's products or services, as well as increase sales.

This is not the entire list of all management departments. Some specialists may not be in the company, since they are not necessary due to the nature of the business or due to limited budget.

Coordination and cooperation of different departments

And of course, it is impossible to specify in the job description absolutely all the duties of a particular specialist. Because the delegation of work front still remains on the shoulders of the CEO, but thisdoes not imply the disclaimer of responsibility: in the end, you still need to monitor the execution of the task and make sure that it is executed correctly.

It is worth noting that all of the above positions are referred to as supervisors. These people head the relevant department, in which they also need to control the process of staff work in the staff. As a rule, specialists do not interfere in the work of other departments and are directly involved in their tasks. Discussions between employees, mostly heads of different departments, occur only when it is necessary to coordinate their actions to achieve a common goal, when it is impossible to do without discussion. Usually this process takes place under the direction of a CEO.

Department control is an important task.


In general, the CEO is a fairly simple and understandable position for a Russian-speaking person who knows who works in large corporations. It is only important to know the decoding of the incomprehensible abbreviation and the translation of English words into Russian.

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