Death of Vladimir Basov

Biography of Vladimir Basov

Vladimir Basov is a famous Soviet actor, film director and screenwriter. Vladimir Pavlovich is known primarily to the wide viewer as a second comedian. And it is well deserved, because his account includes truly popular images, for example, such as the policeman from Gaidai’s “Companion” or all the favorite tricksters from children's fairy tales - Duremar, Wolf, Prince Limon, Stump and others, no less charismatic characters
In the photo: Vladimir Pavlovich BasovIn the photo: Vladimir Pavlovich Basov
In addition, each, formally negative or characteristic, the hero in his performance invariably aroused the audience sympathy - of course, all thanks to the charm of this beautiful artist with a hoarse voice and a kind smile. After all, only he, who possesses the absurd, in general, a physique for an actor, tall and thin, but so charming and unique - Vladimir Basov could play like that,
Vladimir Basov. Charming and uniqueVladimir Basov. Charming and unique
In the filmography of this multi-faceted artist, there are also many "serious" works, including the director. His characters were dedicated scouts (“Shield and Sword”), officers of the White Army (“Turbins Days”), front-line soldiers (“Silence”) and even Pushkin's heroes (“The Snowstorm”) ...

Childhood and adolescence

The future People's Artist was born on July 28, 1923 in the village of Urazovo, Voronezh Province (now the Belgorod Region). His mother, Alexandra Ivanovna, was a school teacher, and his father, Pavel Basultainen, was an officer who served during Chapayev’s life during the Civil War.

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