David Burliuk - the founder of Russian futurism

Burliuk David Davidovich was born in 1882in the family of Cossacks. Little David was born in the Kharkiv region, but since his father worked as a manager, the family often moved. School years, David Burliuk and held in the Tambov region, and in the Tver province, and elsewhere.

David Burliuk

Indisputable authority for the younger

There were six children in the family, but Davidstood out among them with his character. He was persistent, stubborn and had good organizational skills. David Burliuk was a real undeniable authority for his two younger brothers and three sisters. If from his father he inherited a strong physique, athletic shoulders and strong character, then the mother instilled in her son a love for books, literature, painting and music.

Parents did not spare money for educationtheir children. After the end of the primary school (gymnasium), David Burliuk entered the prestigious Odessa Art School (1898). A year later, his first sketches and paintings began to appear in print. Moving to study in Munich in 1902, David Burliuk is also exhibited at local European exhibitions.David Burliuk biography

The Born Leader

After Bavaria, David studied in Paris and in 1910returned to his homeland, enrolled in the Moscow School. There they taught the basics of painting, sculpture and architecture. It was at this time that David Burliuk, whose biography is already full of meetings with many great people, meets Mayakovsky. Thanks to his gift to believe in people and understand their characters, David immediately sees in the inconspicuous half-starved boy a talented poet.

Three years later, together with Mayakovsky, David Burliuk was expelled from the school. At that time he actively participated in public speeches, meetings and debates on the theme of contemporary painting and poetry.

Thanks to its natural gift of birthleader David gathers around him a lot of like-minded people. He organizes the first futuristic center "Galea", which unites writers and artists. Burliuk becomes the recognized leader of the Russian avant-garde.burlyuk David Davidovich

Multifaceted personality

As they say, a talented person is talented inmany things. Of course, David Burliuk, whose paintings are known at that time throughout the world, above all, was a futurist artist. But at the same time he was a talented decorator, he worked in the theater. I took an active part in printing.

Thanks to the gift of the organizer, David organizedmany art exhibitions and collected a large number of poetry evenings. With them, he travels around the country, travels through the Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

Futurism in the masses

With a talented presentation there are severalfuturistic collections, in the creation of which, in addition to David Davidovich, Kruchenykh, Mayakovsky and Khlebnikov take part. Helping to publish to young writers and poets who support futuristic moods, Burliuk places great emphasis on communication with the people. He tries as much as possible and more often to organize literary meetings and evenings, explaining to his "colleagues" in the shop that this way the verse will quickly go to the masses. Burliuk independently travels to educational institutions, giving lectures on the themes of futurism in poetry and painting. Together with Mayakovsky, he traveled to more than 28 cities, including Kazan, Tiflis, Chisinau, and others.

Coming to a new city, friends were painting themselvesfaces and, like merry jesters, went and advertised their future performances. Their processions were like a carnival, a joke of parsley and street barkers. This method of attracting the masses was invented, respectively, by David Burliuk. And people followed him, for his ideas, for Mayakovsky's poetry and futurism, which was not yet known to the general public.

It should be noted that friends collected not onlyordinary listeners, but also quite high ranks. The program was chosen in such a way that it contained both "burning" poems by Mayakovsky, and quiet, lyrical musical ballads, and humorous miniatures. The company tried to find the key to the soul of every listener, from the usual shoemaker to the governor-general.david burlyuk pictures

Moving abroad

In 1921, David Davidovich, having passed the entire FarEast, organizes exhibitions in Harbin. Six months later, he moves to a permanent place of residence in Japan. In addition to paintings and graphic sketches, at this time he writes and publishes several poetry collections. There are even two prosaic books. Unfortunately, despite the proposals, Burlyuk did not manage to publish at least one line in his native country.

After living a little over a year in Japan, David Davidovichmoved to the United States of America. Here he is completely absorbed in the idea of ​​developing and popularizing Russian painting: brochures with paintings are being published, exhibitions of Russian artists are being organized.

In the sixties, in a large city in the United States, such as Washington, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, passes a series of solo exhibitions of the artist.

He died a famous artist, a great genius and the founder of Russian Futurism at the age of 85 in the hospital Southampton (New York).

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David Burliuk - the founder of Russian futurism David Burliuk - the founder of Russian futurism David Burliuk - the founder of Russian futurism David Burliuk - the founder of Russian futurism David Burliuk - the founder of Russian futurism David Burliuk - the founder of Russian futurism David Burliuk - the founder of Russian futurism