"Crime novel". The actors of the film masterpiece Tarantino

"Pulp Fiction" (actors: D. Travolta, U. Thurman, B. Willis, SL Jackson, etc.) - Quentin Tarantino's film masterpiece more than 20 years old. The film changed the history of cinema in the same way as Hitchcock's "Psycho" or "Space Odyssey." Before him, none of the critics and could not assume that almost two-hour crime drama with a non-linear narrative and long philosophical dialogues the viewer will want to watch. But Tarantino took a risk and did not lose it: the film "Pulp Fiction" firmly occupied its niche in the cinematic pantheon, and it is impossible to forget it once it looked.

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Tarantino eventually became Tarantino due to hiscourage and partly impudence. The self-taught director at the start of his career did not shy away from doing something crazy, which shocked the beholder, repelled and simultaneously attracted to the screen. Anyone who saw the film "Pulp Fiction" remembers a stunning episode in which the hero of Travolta introduces a huge dose of adrenaline to the character Thurman right in the heart. That's the brainchild of Tarantino - like pure adrenaline, even after 21 years.

Plot and actors. History No. 1

Original designed, comic storyThe narrative of the film "Pulp Fiction" (the actors called it "loopback flashback") consists of three equivalent story lines connected by common parts, a place (the limits of one city) and the complicity of the characters. The first storyline tells the story of two colleagues - Jules (SL Jackson) and Vincent (D. Travolta), who fulfill the mission of the boss - the local mafia leader Marcellus Wallace (V. Rames). They must bring him a briefcase, the contents of which are unknown throughout the timekeeping. In this narration the director with inimitable irony revealed the problem of idealizing the underworld, crime in the American film industry.

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History No. 2

The second storyline will tell the storythe same Vincent (D. Travolta), who had to go on a date with the wife of the boss Mia (U. Thurman). Wallace instructed his subordinate to entertain the faithful during his departure, so that she would not be bored. Vincent, having heard enough about the jealousy of Marcellus, does not go beyond the bounds of what is permissible, fulfilling the whims of the beautiful Mia.

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History № 3

The third storyline tells a storyidealist and dreamer, boxer Butch (B. Willis). This character is the real exception to the rules in the film "Pulp Fiction" (the actors characterized Bruce's character as the only one able to go beyond the reality invented by Tarantino). According to the idea of ​​the latter, Butch is going to go on a well-deserved rest (pension), and the same criminal boss Marcellus offers him a deal that will provide the hero with a comfortable existence for the rest of his life. He only needs to lose, but Butch intends to leave beautifully. He takes the money, agreeing to a deal with Marcellus, puts them on himself and wins the duel.


Originally directed by Quentin Tarantino andscriptwriter Roger Avery decided to film a short film. Avery even wrote an example scenario of one of the short stories, but their idea of ​​interest in the studios did not cause. Quentin did not despair and took his friend to Amsterdam. It was there that ideas for the next two stories were born, the volume of creation was sufficient for a full meter. And then Tarantino took everything in his hands.

Intuition of the author during the selection of performers

In the image of individual characters Tarantinoinitially saw certain actors, so the script was written specifically for them. The author's intuition determined the nature of the picture. Although everything was not so simple. Surprisingly, Samuel L. Jackson was unable to pass the initial tests for the role of Jules. But thanks to the actor's persistence, a second attempt was made, and he was approved for the role. His hairstyle was also changing right on the set. Initially, the director saw the image of Jules in the frame of dreadlocks, but after trying on a dozen wigs, the creators chose the option on the hair style in the style of "early Michael Jackson". Samuel L. Jackson made his debut in cinema in the distant 1972. But his career is difficult to call impetuous, because because of his addiction to alcohol and narcotic substances, the actor lost most of the roles. He was offered to play only episodic characters. After the actor "took patronage" Morgan Freeman, and he himself underwent a rehabilitation course at a special clinic, Jackson's career went uphill. A turning point in his work is participation in the filming of the cult picture of Tarantino.

In the role of Butch, the authors saw the actor-star of the worldcinema, they wanted to attract Sylvester Stallone to work on the project. But in the end, the role played by the time already eminent Bruce Willis. Actor really liked the character of Vincent, and the director had a long time to convince him to play Butch, promising that he would live to the finals and become a hero.

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Hero's return

In the 1980s, John Travolta lost two of his favoriteswomen (his mother and his wife died of cancer), so despite a successful start, his career went into decline. This was due to his psychological state and excessive use of alcohol. Return to the formation he helped Tarantino. In "Pretender" Travolta plays brilliantly, he is nominated for "Oscar", and their twist with Thurman is called the most popular cinematic dance number of the 90's. John Travolta to the beginning of filming was known as the dying star of musical paintings, but after the "Pulp Fiction" he returned to his former glory and became one of the most popular actors of the Dream Factory. Although the role was originally spelled out specifically for Michael Madsen. The actor played Tarantino's "Mad Dogs", but during the preparation for the shooting of the new film was busy, and the script had to be changed. The author himself in the film "Pulp Fiction" (actors complacently perceived the initiative of the director) played the role of the second plan - Jimmy, a friend of Jules.

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Muse of the director

Tarantino, shocked by the impressive sizefoot actress, in the role of Mia wanted to see only Uma Thurman. But the film-maker was capricious and initially refused to take part in the shootings. But the director did not give up, he with an enviable periodicity called the whimsical beauty and read the script in the phone's handset. As a result, the actress gave way under the pressure of a maniacal fan. Uma Turaman debuted in the film industry at the age of 16, since then she has been removed regularly (her filmography has exceeded 50 films), but the peak of her acting career is considered to be "Pulp Fiction". "Granting bliss" - this is how the name of the actress is treated, always lamented her appearance, although her flat and high enough figure exactly corresponds to the standards of model business. Before enrolling in the acting courses, Thurman was one of the leading models of New York.

Involve in a relatively low-budget (by the standardsHollywood) picture of the first-magnitude stars Quentin was able only because of the rapid success of "Mad Dogs." More than two thirds of the cinema budget was spent on actors, but it was worth it.

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Crime novel. The actors of the film masterpiece Tarantino Crime novel. The actors of the film masterpiece Tarantino Crime novel. The actors of the film masterpiece Tarantino Crime novel. The actors of the film masterpiece Tarantino Crime novel. The actors of the film masterpiece Tarantino Crime novel. The actors of the film masterpiece Tarantino Crime novel. The actors of the film masterpiece Tarantino Crime novel. The actors of the film masterpiece Tarantino Crime novel. The actors of the film masterpiece Tarantino Crime novel. The actors of the film masterpiece Tarantino